CDR Observes Fast to Secure Rights of Dalit Community

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Mangaluru: The Council for Dalit Rights (CDR) observed a fast as part of ‘Samaanatha Sankalpa Dina’ on account of 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office here, on April 13.

Speaking on the occasion, President of CDR, Lingappa Nanthur said, “The Dalit community has been subjected to several social evils in the recent past. The Dalit community all over the nation faces oppression and has been subjected to violence. The poor, and the homeless are discriminated. Dalits are not allowed inside temples and in certain villages, hotels have separate cutlery for Dalits.”

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He further said, “When we revolt against such practices, we face a social boycott and separate seating arrangements. On the 125th birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar, BJP government at the center should hold discussions in the parliament to secure the rights of Dalits.”

Lingappa said, “According to the central government report of 2014, violence has increased by 19% and in 2015 there have been incidents of murder, discrimination and violence against Dalits in Faridabad, Ahamed Nagar and in several states including Karnataka. The dream of Dr Ambedkar was to secure social equality among the masses. Legislation should be passed to realise Dr Ambedkar’s dream, a signature campaign is being done and will be submitted to the BJP government at the center.”

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