Celebs And Drugs – Made For Each Other

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It seldom happens in Mumbai, that anyone would raise his eyebrows on a bonding like this!

It?s a forgone conclusion that where there are celebs of any kind, there will be drugs usage galore! There is no valid reason for that. Just a craze, sort of a behaviour expected of  a maniac and also a stern feeling of going anti-national. A star always goes over board with his pseudo mannerisms and naughty behaviour in public and behaves as if he is a king. Smoking, over doing the drinking sprees and the exhibition of ?I care two hoots for the society? behaviour etc, which is on full public display day in and day out!

Sunjay Dutt and Salman were two guys famous for these behaviors. And how times have changed. They are forced by the law governing the same society they live in to adapt and adjust, change and behave as responsible citizens! Mahesh Anand is another maniac, now reformed character. He also in the similar fashion like Salman had reportedly ran over a group of 5 pedestrain sleepers while driving his four wheeler under the influence of the devils drink (alcohol). He used to have one too many and drive recklessly  as He had a bad separation from his first wife Erica, who is in US of A with her daughter. Kudos to  the good Samaritan, our superstar , Shri Amitabh Bhachan, he was saved from further trouble by the law. The incident took place near Amithabh?s Pratiksha bungalow , now named ‘Jalsa’. Luckily it was Rajiv rule then. These star brats and the brigade never learn their lessons. Or there wouldn?t have been a pandemonium of this kind, well I am referring to the now nationwide famous ?Salman-Ash? con taped conversations.

Most of them may not know, that there was a cop named DCP Arup Patnaik, and He was a terrible police man. Even though He was  midget sized, still he was a dare devil. He, one fine day raided ?Aloha? pub near the Andheri Sports Complex stadium and found ?Ritu Shivpuri, Fardeen Khan and other lesser known starlets. This was at the wee hours in the morning, when you and me are fast asleep! Well, cops had a great time with the stars. Upon orders from the DCP, they enjoyed video taping the entire spot interrogation, as they can produce it in court the following day as evidence. Fardeen ,it is reported as talking rudely to the policemen  on duty and earned one tight slap from the duty bound species!! Then the ensuing drama unfolded outside the then famous  watering hole. They were lined up outside and as a punishment were made to take ?baskis? on the floor. In Hindi it is famously called as ?Murga Bano chakkar’!! The next day the dailies reported this incident on the front pages.

Again after several years , Fardeen?s name reportedly came up, now for cocaine buying outside a drive-in ATM of a reputed multinational bank. After  week?s parking in police custody, he was out on bail. The city heaved a sigh of relief, at least this brat must have learnt a lesson, henceforth the only coke he will use is the famous cold drink; Coca ?Cola?! But history repeated itself fifteen days ago. Again there is a lot of commotion regarding , now infamous Fardeen?s name being dragged into the city?s drug cartel reportedly led by the now resting in peace,  behind bars ?Salil Chaturvedi?, the owner of ?Provogue? brand of clothing. No wonder ?Fardeen? is the Brand ambassador for the fashion apparel. The story is that ?Salil? is the frontman for the Intl drug Mafia and has made a fast buck by luring many a stars and star aspirants to his network of coke users!

In any night club in Mumbai, there are a whole lot of Film and TV stars hanging around. Most of them do not drink. They care for their figures and they do not want a paunch! They choose to drink the weirdly colored non-alcoholic cocktails and swing around the dance floors. But, the 1 billion dollar question is, why they neeed to booze at all when a greater number of kicks are provided by inhaling cocaine!! Of course its rate hits the roof, but, but, it is still affordable, coz if  one Star buys even a gram of ?Coke? , he has at least two or three buddies with whom He will share the stuff. And, as the famous adage goes, two is company and three is crowd. Alas! There it goes!! Half the crowd is high on Cocaine. Then, why would a drug pusher will not sell his stuff at a lounge bar, Night Club ? It is easy money! The consumer is a bigger name and it is sold at a premium at one of the posh, high society frequented night joints.

Well. Mumbai police has lot more work in their hands. Coming out of bail for celebs and their chamchas is like going to picnic and returning home. There are a battery of lawyers to save them and rake in the moolah. Mumbai police should start a crash course going by the name ?Mind your Life? for all famous celebs and see that they adhere to the rules and behave like  gentlemen citizens. A cynic may question, what if they start consuming coke at their private parties at their posh residences, How can we stop them? The answer is simple. Arre Saab, just see from where the drug supply emanates and originates from? Cut the umbilical chord. Separate the consumers from the drug pushers! Create a More vigilance department to keep vigil on our existing vigilance department and then you will have most of the drug runners in the hands of the law. If you cut the supply, from where does the celebs  get the supply?  So like someone rightly said “Jab Na Rahega Baans, Na Bajegi Baansuri“!!

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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