‘Chaar Cutting’ to be available online soon

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Mumbai, Jan 12 (IANS) “Chaar Cutting”, comprising four short films, will be released online on Jamuura TV on Friday.

Throwing light on a wide variety of human emotions, the anthology of four short films also strives to cut across diversified genres including comedy, satire, romance and thriller.

The four films are “Skin Deep” (written by Vikramaditya Motwane of “Lootera” and “Udaan” fame and directed by his assistant Hardik Mehta), “Blouse” (directed by Vijayeta Kumar), “Manila Running” (directed by Anuj Gulati) and “Bawdi” (directed by Vivek Soni).

The film was released in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad through PVR Director’s Rare in May last year.

“We aim to revolutionize the paradigms of filmmaking in the country by bridging the gap between audiences and new-age filmmakers through the dissemination of unique story ideas in short-length formats,” founder of Jamuura Munish Tewari said in a statement.

“We intend to create a new generation of story creators who plan to do away with redundant story-telling processes which have mired the present movie landscape. Each of the four stories presented in ‘Chaar Cutting’ are unique in their approach, their conceptualization and will definitely strike a chord with viewers,” Tewari added.

Viewers need to pay only Rs.50 to catch it on the digital platform of Jamuura.

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