Chapter 2: The Divine Light

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Chapter 2: The Divine Light

The strong winds created violent waves in the lake and the waves started the deadly dance of rock and roll. Vinod was swayed to and fro on his tiny vessel in this huge water body. His body was under physical shock; his arms were numb and shooting a sharp pain because of the continuous rowing and the clearing of the water. His back was aching from the base to the neck yet he did not pay any attention to it. That was the least of his troubles. He had given up trying to clear the water from the boat. There was no more hope for him, only a miracle could save him now. He wanted the Gods to listen to his pleading and send him one.

The coracle was almost filled with water to the top. The weight of the coracle was pushing against the surface of the water, threatening to overturn it any movement. He had lost one of his oars in the water. The other oar was lying in his lap. The storm was still raging heavily sending gushes of rain and heavy winds. It looked like Noah’s Ark was not made for this kind of storm. The coracle was getting heavier by the minute and the waves were threatening to roll it over. Vinod was a very good swimmer, just like any other fisherman would be, but the shoreline was far away. A swim in this kind of storm will not take you anywhere. The swim would be against the wind and against the waves. The aching arms and back are not good for hours long of swimming. But he would attempt a swim if the coracle would overturn.

Vinod was at the mercy of the waves now. Wherever the waves took him he went. There was a lot of debris floating around on the waves. A wooden plank came floating towards him. It looked like the debris was from another boat or probably had flown from the forest as it was filled with twigs and branches. Vinod picked up the plank as it might help to keep him afloat in case he has to make that swim.

As the coracle moved further, Vinod realized that the debris was from a fisherman’s boat. There were a lot of wooden planks floating. He could now see whatever was left of the boat was floating freely on the violent waves; pieces of metal, rubber, and wood. There was no one on the boat though. Vinod’s body shuddered thinking about the fate of the fisherman on board.

And then the moment came. A huge wave hit him almost capsizing the boat. He held tightly to whatever he could hold on to. The waves were getting more violent. “Any moment now” he thought. The lights from the temple had disappeared. Looked like the Gods had abounded him and he was on his own.

Two more rows of violent waves and Vinod were thrown off the boat into the water. He had expected to hit the cold water and when he did his plan was to swim back to the boat and get over it if it was still afloat. If not, he would try grabbing on to the wooden plank and keep himself floating. He would regain himself and keep swimming towards the coracle, trying to get it back on. But it was not water he hit first. Instead, his head hit hard on something; something metal. The impact was so hard that it sent out a loud clank of the metal ringing in his ears.

That was almost the end for Vinod, but miraculously he was still in his sense. The pain was excruciating. The sharp metal piece had hit him on the right side of his head. He was bleeding profusely and was losing blood at an alarming rate. He somehow got hold of the wooden plank and kept himself afloat. But the dizziness from the head injury did not allow him to attempt a swim. He concentrated his energy to keep himself afloat as long as he could; he would pass out any moment now.

He knew that as soon as he was rendered unconscious he would no longer be able to keep himself afloat and would surely drown to his death. He kept pushing and kicking to keep himself awake. The coracle had overturned; turning it back and getting back on it would take a lot of energy. In the whole confused dizziness he could now see the faint light of the temple from the far side on the left; seemed like the Gods might come to his aid after all. The light became brighter and brighter with every moment. It was like a miracle! The temple light which had disappeared a moment ago was now growing brighter and brighter with every second and was getting closer and closer. “It’s coming to me. It is coming to help me. It is a miracle, I have my miracle” he was thankful.

After a few moments, the light got so bright that Vinod could no longer look at it. His eyelids closed shut to protect his eyes from the divine light. He could not look at it any longer.

Sydney Billford Monteiro

Sydney Billford Monteiro was born and brought up in Mangalore, Karnataka. An HR by profession, he has a Masters in Social Work and is working for the Hospitality Industry in Bangalore. He is an avid reader of Crime Thrillers, Mystery novels, and Science books. Creative writing and poetry is his passion.

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