Chinese Delegation to Visit Campco, Impart Training

Chinese Delegation to Visit Campco, Impart Training

Mangaluru: Campco held a press meet at its office regarding the recent delegation that was sent to China to study the future for areca nut demand in China here, on June 21.

Addressing the media persons, President of the Karnataka State Arecanut Cooperative Societies Federation Konkody Padmanabha said that as per Campco’s study, 122,000 metric tons (MT) of areca nut is grown in Hunan province of China every year but this falls short compared to the demand of areca nut mouth freshener companies. Currently, there are 20 manufacturers of this product in the country and it also has a very good demand. Due to the shortage of local supply, manufacturers have turned towards India for a sufficient supply of areca.


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One of the manufacturers of this type of mouth freshener, Kou Wei Wang (King of Taste) Company has signed a MoU with CAMPCO to initially process and export 2MTs of tender areca nut on a trial basis. The company has agreed to depute experts to CAMPCO in order to impart training on processing and standardisation of products as per their requirement during the month of July, 2016.

Padmanaba also said that data would be collected about other Chinese companies interested in arecanut in the future. The central and state Governments may make necessary arrangements to depute selected arecanut growers to China for a study tour with regard to processing and standardisation of arecanut and also its demand.

He also said that arecanut farmers have come forward to supply Arecanut of the required Chinese Standard and also make a concrete plan on exporting the same to China. “Progressive farmers have to plan for visiting China with regard to study of the systems of processing and converting the Arecanut into valued added products. The Cooperatives set all over Karnataka also have to make a decisive plan on sending Progressive Farmers to China with regard to the study of arecanut processing. The Karnataka State Arecanut Cooperative Societies Federation, Shivamogga is ready to extend all the cooperation to the interested Cooperative Societies in this respect.”

Speaking on the negativeness related to arecanut, Padmanaba said that China, a country with highest population, uses arecanut as a health improvement product. “But there have been negative rumours that arecanut is carcinogenic. In China, arecanut is grown as a medicinal plant and explanations to this effect can be found in various books of medicinal uses. A Medicinal Book called Compendium of Materia Medica having VI volumes with 18000 pages, in its 1V Volume clearly explains the medicinal value of arecanut. Chinese scriptures also make a mention of the high medicinal value of arecanut which will definitely support our stand in the Supreme Court for all our pending cases. We will submit the related documents to Supreme Court on a future date,” he added.