Chopper services to Ayodhya delayed due to bad weather

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Chopper services to Ayodhya delayed due to bad weather

Lucknow: The launch of helicopter services from Lucknow to Ayodhya, initially scheduled for January 19 and later postponed to January 26, has been continuously delayed due to persistent bad weather conditions.

Principal secretary, tourism and culture, Mukesh Meshram said, “The service will start soon, we are waiting for some more time as we don’t want to take any chances.”

He said that three choppers are already stationed in Ayodhya, with an additional three operating from Lucknow. Furthermore, plans for helicopter services connecting Ayodhya with Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Mathura and Prayagraj are on track.

As travellers eagerly await the commencement of these services, the tourism department remains optimistic about their positive impact on pilgrimage tourism and the overall economic landscape of the state.

Meshram said that the proposed helicopter journey would have an estimated travel time of 30-40 minutes from Lucknow to Ayodhya, with each helicopter accommodating six to eight passengers.

“The helicopter service would be a game-changer for the tourism sector of the state, particularly for religious tourism,’ he said.

The pricing structure for different routes includes Rs 11,327 per person for the 40-minute flight from Gorakhpur to Ayodhya, Rs 14,159 per person for the 55-minute flight from Varanasi, Rs 14,159 per person for the 45-minute flight from Lucknow, and Rs 14,159 per person for the 50-minute flight from Prayagraj.

Meanwhile, officials have set the fare for the aerial darshan experience at Rs 3,539 per person, striving to make it an affordable and inclusive endeavour.

Passengers seeking aerial darshan are required to make advance bookings, with the tour lasting a maximum of 15 minutes and covering key landmarks.


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