Chris Brown still ‘learning how to be a dad’

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Los Angeles, June 21 (IANS) Singer-actor Chris Brown says he is focussing on his music career, but his daughter Royalty comes first.

“My main focus now is just my music, but my daughter first. When it comes to me being able to perform and do this, it’s cool. But for right now, I’m doing it all for her,” Brown told Real 92.3’s Big Boy, reports

Could Brown see himself having more children soon?

“For right now, I’m learning how to be a dad so through the process, it’s good for me to actually just be able to grow with her and get that one-on-one time,” he shared.

“I think maybe (another kid) five or six years from now possibly so, she won’t be an only child.

“I’ve got brothers and sisters and I had a fun time picking on them. They were beating me up too so, my daughter needs a sibling.”

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