Christian Family of Five Converts to Hinduism at Padavinangady

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Christian Family of Five Converts to Hinduism at Padavinangady

Mangaluru: A Christian family of five from Padavinangady converted to Hinduism at the Vajradehi Math, Gurupur here on July 24.

According to Arun Monteiro, forty years ago his family was converted to Christianity. But after conversion, they were not happy and were going to the temple and following Hindu rituals. Since Arun Monteiro had a good relationship with the Padavinangady Hindu Jagarana Vedike members, he approached them with his desire to accept Hinduism. HJV members approached the Swamiji of Vajradehi Math Sri Sri Rajashekaranand and on July 24 all family members of Arun Monteiro accepted Hinduism at the Vajradehi Math.

Speaking to Swamiji of Vajradehi Math Sri Sri Rajashekaranand said, “Arun Monteiro, his mother, wife and two sons from Padavinangady have converted to Hinduism. Forty years ago due to some reasons, Arun’s mother was converted to Christianity. But after conversion, they were facing many problems. Three months ago, Arun approached the Hindu Jagarana Vedike in Padavinangady and explained his desire of converting to Hinduism. HJV members contacted me and briefed about Arun’s wish to convert to Hinduism. From my side, I instructed the HJV members not to force anyone to convert, whoever wants to convert should convert on their own free will. HJV members later confirmed that Arun had decided to convert to Hinduism.”

Sri Sri Rajashekaranand Swamiji further said, “On July 24, we performed all the rituals and accepted Arun Monteiro and his family to Hinduism. Arun Monteiro has now changed his name to Arun Poojary, his wife Sunitha has become Sangeetha, Arun’s mother Ida Thomas has changed her name to Gauri Poojarthi and Arun’s sons Ajay Poojary and Aneesh Poojary.

Speaking to HJV district Secretary Sharath Padavinangady said, Arun Monteiro’s mother Ida Thomas is originally from Kasargod and was born in a Hindu family. But forty years ago she married a Christian and converted to Christianity. Three months ago Arun Monteiro approached us and said that he wanted to convert to Hinduism. As the situation is not favourable we did not give much importance to Conversion and even advised him not to convert to Hinduism. But Arun was adamant in his decision saying that his mother was originally a Hindu and wanted to accept her old faith. So we approached the Swamiji of Vajradehi Math. On July 24, according to all Hindu rituals Arun and his family converted to Hinduism.”

HJV members Arun Gundalike, Sandeep Shetty Amblamogeru and Harish Matti were also present.

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John DSouza, Mangalore
6 years ago

Many are invited but only few will attend.
Perhaps Life is easy or difficult, but no one can give visa to heaven.
Though no one can judge, all white dressed can’t go to heaven.
Hell has broad gate, while heaven has the narrow one.
No one prefers darkness, after experiencing the light.
Many have eyes but not all can have vision.
After all, God is one, the creator of whole mankind.
Let’s try and hope to be the salt of earth and light of the world as Lord Jesus Christ has wished us to be.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Is religion necessary? In the name of religion a huge amount of bloodshed has been taking place from time immemorial.

6 years ago

Samay.badalta rahega. badalta hi rahega.

Irene P
6 years ago

Let’s not pull the rubber band too much it’s gonna hurt both. Maybe 40 years back Ida necessity for life made her to convert. Now that her Christian husband is no more values have changed so it is some other reason for her to convert to Gary. Time time ki baat hai. Congratulations.

A. S. Mathew
6 years ago

Why make such a big headline that five people converted to Hinduism? If they could find more peace and joy in their new religion, let them do so. Thousands of non-Christians are converting to Christian faith every day around the world. Religious freedom is the fundamental right of every individual. Wish them to be happy in their new religious faith.