Christmas thoughts on mushroom

Mushrooms like Radishes I thought are  easy to carve! During Christmas Season…..Angels and X-Mas trees come to mind and I thought let me try carving them on Mushroom. It looks very easy and straight forward but I was surprised to learn to the contrary. But you know me, never say die!

Mushrooms are cooks best friend. They can be sauted, microwaved, roasted and grilled. Mushrooms can be sliced thick or thin, cut in quarters, coarsely or finely chopped using a sharp knife. They can also be used in Chinese stir fried rice too. And ofcourse as an appetizer along with Bell Peppers in Olive oil!
Hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to welcoming New Year.  Congratulations to on doubling the membership and to have gained increased number of readers. Let us all strive to make Neumero Uno amongst Mangaloreans world wide!
I am sure we will…….

Author: Dr K.B. Mallya- Canada