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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cucumber Idli

This is a favorite breakfast/snack of my daughters. They call it sweet idli. The taste of this idli is similar to the traditional 'thovchyache...

Meat Balls – Quick n Easy

This is a quick and easy recipe - useful when you have unexpected guests or when you are fed up of cooking the same...

Beef with Stir-fried Vegetables & Savory Rice

My friends always pester me for recipes;  but they want simple ones that can be done in a jiffy.  This one was not elaborate...

Mackerels With Roasted Masala

It was my hubby's birthday and some of our close friends were coming home to wish him personally, and during Lent most of us...

Happy Easter

Easter was only a few days away and Roshan asked me if am planning on doing anything for Easter.  I have been pondering over the...

Chicken Kubera

Easter Special Chicken Dish! Ever since I tasted this special Chicken dish in a small restaurant in Mannagudda in Mangalore back in the late Eighties...

Date Rolls

This is a sweet snack that everyone will enjoy. Date Rolls can be served with fruit as a snack or on a dessert platter. Ingredients: Flour...

Khaman Dhokla

Dhokla is a popular Gujrati snack rich in proteins. It is easily digestible and has an irresistible taste and flavour, making it a much...

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated on February 14, a day to exchange tokens of affection regardless of age.  Many schools send in a list...

Beef Roast In Beer

This is a wholesome meal and is a favourite with those who like beef.  Since it is prepared with a couple of veggies there...

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