Citizens Money Going Down UGD? Doctor Catches Shabby Work of UGD Laborers on Arya Samaj Rd

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Citizens Money Going Down UGD? Doctor Catches Shabby Work of UGD Laborers on Arya Samaj Rd

Mangaluru : Few days ago Team Mangalorean had featured an article on Chartered Accountant Sunil Gonsalves, residing at “Symphony” on Arya Samaj Road, Mangaluru, and also a ardent reader of as the ONLY Fearless Man Raising His Voice on civic issues arising on Arya Samaj Road, for the “BETTERMENT” of other residents on that stretch of the Road? But even though other residents of that area are reluctant to come forward and join in his efforts to STOP the CORRUPTION, NON-SYSTEMATIC PLANNING, WASTAGE OF RESOURCES, and NON-STANDARDIZE WORK, of MCC and other concerned Department. But now we have ONE more person, a doctor by Profession residing on the same Arya Samaj Road, who was quick enough to notice a shabby and unsafe work done by the laborers working on the New Underground Drainage, and STOP it, and make them them to rectify it – and he is none other than Dr Vishnu Prabhu.

Sunil plays a ONE MAN show, when it comes to highlight any wrong doing by the officials of District Administration or Mangaluru City Corporation, in development Work/Planning on Arya Samaj Road. He is the ONLY Man on that road who is quick to call the concerned department when their workers screw up the footpath work, or drainage work or the reconstruction of road work. He is FIRST one to call Team Mangalorean from past so many years, to inform about any serious civic issue taking place on that stretch of the Road, which have resulted in solving 99% of the issues through our Website Impact.

But now we have ONE more person, a doctor by Profession residing on the same Arya Samaj Road, who was quick enough to notice a shabby and unsafe work done by the laborers working on the New Underground Drainage- and he is none other than Dr Vishnu Prabhu. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dr Vishnu Prabhu said, “Yesterday they had put drainage chamber in front of my house at Arya Samaj road under new UGD scheme.Today they opened the pre-cast, I could see the horrible work done by them. Immediately I called the concerning authorities, who arrived at the spot quickly, and apologized for the poor work done. After I my complain they broke the whole chamber and now they are reconstructing it. Just wondering what would be the fate of other UGD already done on this Road. My question is also how about other UGD’s, where they must have constructed thousands of them under UGD scheme, Waht would be the fate of them”.

“I noticed that they are using a hammer to break the whole drainage with the hammer. This shows what kind of concrete mix they might have used. If you had put proper concrete you need a machine or dredger to demolished it. Seems like they are putting flying ash with little cement and the UGD construction work. Is this how the work is supervised by the Engineer, contractor or supervisor. Such kind of shabby and unsafe work is danger to life, and may even collapse any time. Now the question is who is responsible for it? Will I be able to get an answer soon’ added Dr Prabhu.

Dr Vishnu Prabhu showing the low quality concrete mix with added fly-Ash

After communicating with Dr Prabhu, Team Mangalorean quickly visited the spot, and could notice the laborers quickly trying to rectify their fault. With much difficulty to communicate with the laborers since they all speak Pure Hindi, and the Butler Hindi from Yours Truly couldn’t serve the purpose to get more details, I looked around for the contractor or supervisor- and luckily found the Supervisor of Shaan Construction which handles the project, and asked him what was going on- and the reply from him was-“Yes we do agree that the laborers screwed up the work using not the right stuff. Since we were not around to supervise, that’s the reason this unscientific work occurred. Now we are trying to fix it to its right standard, and we agree our fault”.

Well said by the Supervisor- but how about the other UGD’s already completed on this stretch of the road. Are they of the same irregular standard, since the work has not been caught by any other resident on this road. Could be a shabby work or may not- only the concerned engineers from MCC should check and find the result. Like the other resident CA Sunil Gonsalves had mentioned to Team Mangalorean earlier that “Also the Newly Constructed Chamber is already broken reflecting on the quality of the work. Several cables and water supply lines have been cut, and quite a few joined and wrapped with insulation tape. Doing rain there is a possibility that rain water would enter into these cables resulting in tripping and short Circuit of the Transformer”.

” In case the road is resurfaced with Concrete, the road would have to be dug up again. while water rationing is on, but we can see here several pipes are still leaking, like the one in front of Cream Caramel, where the Contractor has not been able to find out the source of the leakage. The dust is resulting in breathing problems and already the compound wall that was painted hardly five months ago has acquired the colour of the fine mud dust. In the event of rains the filled up trenches will definitely sink and there is every possibility of all the mud landing on the Kadri Main road!” added Sunil.

Seems like there is lot many irregularities and unscientific work going on this project, and no one from MCC nor the district administration has bothered to check into all the irregularities etc, so that the work is carried on systematically and completed as per the norms. Like I have said it in the past, and will say it again that “DIGGING NEVER STOPS ON ARYA SAMAJ ROAD”? – and the residents living on this stretch of Arya Samaj Road, and those motorists and pedestrians who also take this road, will surely agree with this statement I made. It is indeed a sad situation while you look at this Road, which couple of years ago was fully refurbished with interlock bricks, and ever since then there has been constant digging of this road, ruining the interlocks- and the worst part is that, once the work is done, the contractors/laborers don’t fix the dug part to its original standards.

While the digging work is in progress, pedestrians are having a tough time to walk on the footpaths or cross the roads. There are interlock bricks scattered all over and dug up mud is blocking pedestrians movement. Pedestrians safety is in danger, since a proper walking space is not provided by the workers on this project. Pedestrians are seen walking on the loose interlock bricks and dirty mud, and chances are that they may slip or twist their ankles. But does anyone in the district administration care for the safety of the people. Why would they, because they know that no one will complain nor sue them for damages/compensation- and SURELY not the residents of Arya Samaj Road, other than Sunil Gonsalves and Dr Vishnu Prabhu?

We all know that Mangalureans are quite reluctant in lodging complaints-that’s a reason we have so many civic problems that are not rectified, until it leads to a serious issue, like a serious injury or death. Wake up folks, complain to the concerned authorities if you notice something hazardous to human life. Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean, CA Sunil Gonsalves and Dr Vishnu Prabhu can’t always highlight such civic issues, you too can raise your voice in case you see civic issues that would create inconveniences to the public or kill someone. Wake up residents of Arya Samaj Road- raise your voices, and tell the officials to speed up the work, and do it right. It will be a big Mess once the monsoon start, so come forward right now and fight for the good cause, so that you wont suffer all the inconveniences later when rains down heavily.

Let’s all join hands and to make Mangaluru a safer place to move around and live safely. Only our constant complaints and pressure on our elected Netas/MCC Engineers/officials can solve the problems. If we keep quite, we are putting our own lives in danger moving around in the flunked “Smart City” with NO SMART OFFICIALS at the helm of it. I only hope that someone from MCC or District Administration after seeing this report, visit the UGD spots on Arya Samaj Road and check for perfectness of the work done- if not take severe action on the people engaged in this shabby work?

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