CITU Launches Jail Bharo Movement Demanding Housing Sites

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CITU Launches Jail Bharo Movement Demanding Housing Sites

Udupi: Scores of CITU activists were detained in Udupi following the state-wide agitation launched by CITU demanding housing sites. The AIAWU, KPRS and CITU launched the Jail Bharo movement following the delay in distributing housing sites to the poor and the landless. The Unions launched severe agitation by marching towards the deputy commissioner’s office.


image001citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image002citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image003citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118

Dasu Bhandary, President AIAWU said that both the state and union government have ruined the hopes of the poor while it comes to providing basic necessities. 12,000 applications for providing housing sites and land are pending from 5 years. The administration after following protests has finally come up with a list of landless people. The process for distributing title deeds for landless people in the reserved land has not yet materialized.

image004citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image005citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image006citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118

The application processed under 94C and 94 CC are yet to be given title deeds. The problems of farmers and the landless people are not effectively addressed by the government of Karnataka.

The CITU demands 10 cents of land for the landless people. The government should provide basic facilities in the 10 cents land. The land should be reserved for carrying agricultural activities. The government should provide 5 acres of agricultural land to the poor for agricultural activities. The RTC’s should have both the names of husband and wife. Kasturiranagan report is creating problems for the tribals, it should be addressed by the central government.

image007citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image008citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image009citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118

Deputy Commissioner T Venkatesh receiving the memorandum said that all steps have been initiated for reserving land for the landless people. The process will be fastened and the title deeds will be distributed soon, he added.

image010citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image011citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118 image012citu-jail-bharo-for-demand-housing-site-20161118

AIAWU General Secretary Venkatesh Koni, State Committee Member Kaviraj, CITU Udupi Committee President P Vishwanath Rai, CITU Secretary K Shanker and others were present.

The activists were later detained by the police.

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