City College of Nursing holds Conference on ‘Tendenze in Nursing Practice’

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City College of Nursing holds Conference on ‘Tendenze in Nursing Practice’

City College of Nursing-Shakthinagar-Mangaluru organized a State Level Conference on ‘Tendenze in Nursing Practice -Nurses; Where Am I?’ at their college Auditorium on 13 July 2017

Mangaluru: Nurses should treat everyone in their care with dignity and humanity; and they should understand their individual needs, show compassion and sensitivity, and provide care in a way that respects all people equally. Nurses should take responsibility for the care they provide and answer for their own judgments and actions – they should carry out these actions in a way that is agreed with their patients, and the families and carers of their patients, and in a way that meets the requirements of their professional bodies and the law.They should manage risk, which is vigilant about risk, and help to keep everyone safe in the places they receive health care.

Nurses should provide and promote care that puts people at the centre, involving patients, service users, their families and their carers in decisions and helps them make informed choices about their treatment and care. Nurses who are at the heart of the communication process: they should assess, record and report on treatment and care, handle information sensitively and confidentially, deal with complaints effectively, and are conscientious in reporting the things they are concerned about. They should have up-to-date knowledge and skills and use these with intelligence, insight, and understanding in line with the needs of each individual in their care.

They should work closely with their own team and with other professionals, making sure patients’ care and treatment is co-ordinated, is of a high standard and has the best possible outcome. They should lead by example, develop themselves and other staff, and influence the way care is given in a manner that is open and responds to individual needs. In order to enable nurses to build up excellence in quality care, City College of Nursing-Shakthinagar, Mangaluru, a Unit of City Hospital Research and Diagnostic Centre-Mangaluru organized a State Level Conference with the theme ” Tendenze in Nursing Practice-Nurses ; Where Am I?” at the College Auditorium on 13 July 2017 from 9.30 am onwards.

The conference programme began with invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song rendered by a bevy of students of City College of Nursing, followed by welcome address by Ms Shycil Mathew- Conference Organizing Chairperson. The Conference was then inaugurated by lighting of the traditional lamp by chief guest, Dr Larissa Martha Sams-Principal, Laxmi College of Nursing, Mangaluru; along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- Dr Bhasker Shetty-President, City Hospital Charitable Trust, Mangaluru; Prof. Janet Miranda- Principal, City College of Nursing; and Ms Shycil Mathew-Conference Organizing Chairperson.

Addressing the gathering Chief Guest Dr Larissa Sams said, ” As a nurse or nursing student you can use the principles to understand what patients, colleagues, families and carers can expect from nursing, which will also help you reflect on your practice and develop as a professional; you can generate discussions with your colleagues or if you are student with your mentor, tutor or fellow students on the aspects of behaviour, attitude and approach that underpin good nursing care; also identify where the principles are being practised within your institution/hospital, and to identify instances where you think they are not being practised; see how they relate to a trust’s own set of nursing values. Today’s topic is very relevant, and you should all grab all the information which could be utilized in your nursing career”.

Dr Bhasker Shetty addressing the audience said, ” It’s sad to note that the quality of nursing is deteriorating year by year-but nursing colleges are increasing year by year. Since 1961 as a medical student I have witnessed the quality of nurses is lacking far behind. At nursing colleges-politics, caste and creed are playing a major role during admissions. Some nursing colleges don’t even have proper infrastructure, facilities etc- but the students pass with high grades- because of corruption and other things. We need to make education a gateway to knowledge. Just by browsing through books and getting high grades is not enough- you need to be thorough in practicals and knowledge when you care for the patients”

Dr Shetty further said, ” Presently the standards of nurses have come down, even those of MBBS students. Some of the assistants to nurses and prospective MBBS doctors have more knowledge than the latter. Just theory and grades are not enough in a medical field, you need have good knowledge and practical experience in order to care for the patients, whose life depends on your service. Don’t think of salary, instead, concentrate on how to care and treat your patients. Also these days even some of the principals of nursing colleges who lack knowledge and don’t discharge their duties well get fired from their posts. Nurses you should think that you are a mother to a child, while on duty. Make best use of your knowledge and profession, and make a difference in people’s lies. Your poor knowledge and caring may kill the patient. Make best use of today’s topics during the conference and try to be a better, caring, determined and committed nurse. Best of luck in your nursing career”.

Prof. Janet Miranda also speaking said, ” Through the various topics during today’s conference you all can develop a scientific track for nursing care practice. You can also stay abreast of current nutritional trends and skills needed for advance practice from novice to expert. You will inspect various outlooks towards nursing profession; and execute clinical biochemistry standards in quality nursing care. So avail all the details during the conference, which will surely enable you to build up excellence in quality care”. The vote of thanks was proposed by Brincy Loyola-HOD of Pediatric, while Jini AJ and Jilu Elias, students of City College of Nursing compered the formal programme.

306 nursing students from 10 nursing colleges in and around Mangaluru participated in the conference. Talk on ” Nursing Practice Updates” was delivered by Dr Larissa M Sams; Topic- “Nuts and Bolts of Future Nursing” by Prof. Janet Miranda; Topic- “Updates in Clinical Nutrition” by Ms Sandis Joseph (Senior Dietitian, Fr Muller Medical college, Mangaluru); and Topic- “Shoot Ups in Clinical Biochemistry” by Dr Shivashankara AR (Associate Prof. of Biochemistry and Quality Manager of Lab, Fr Muller Medical College). The conference also featured a Scientific and concept poster contest on topics relevant to the conference theme, and City College of PG Nursing bagged the First place, who received the prize from chief guest of the valedictory function, Dr Shivashankara. In the interaction and feedback session from the delegates, everyone expressed satisfaction and complimented the organizers, Ms Shycil Mathew and her team for their efforts in providing good hospitality and courteousness. Kudos, a job well-done!

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