The CM is ‘Coming’, Let’s Do the ‘Fixing?’

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The CM is ‘Coming’, Let’s Do the ‘Fixing?’

Mangaluru: Wouldn’t be nice if our Chief Minister Siddaramaiah makes frequent visits to Mangaluru, so that at least the dilapidated roads get fixed, potholes get filled, garbage gets cleaned, open drains get covered temporarily, etc etc- and also few areas being interlocked. And here is one such example, where a dilapidated area in front of Kadri Market which had been ignored for months/years, recently got a face-lift with the MCC interlocking a portion of the area during CM’s visit to Mangaluru to inaugurate the district Congress Office building near Kadri Market. And this interlock project cost the taxpayers nearly Rs 8.5 lakh which is learnt was sanctioned by Mayor Harinath without the knowledge of other officials – nor a file been created for the work, nor a tender being called for the work.


So how did the Mayor go ahead with the project, is what the opposition members in MCC have been asking. Presently the area in front of the newly constructed Congress Office building near Mallikatta/Kadri Market looks great, but unfortunately the area while entering the Kadri Market has been left untouched-with the interlocks/sand just left to pile up. For months/years the area in front of this market has been in such a pathetic condition, citizens had a tough time walking on this footpath/courtyard, specially during monsoons where water accumulates – that no MCC officials nor the area corporator, nor politicians have taken any action to fix it – but as soon as the CM was coming o Mangaluru, the restoration work of this dilapidated area was taken up and finished in two days. Ironically, the area closer to the market has not been taken up at the same speed. Bah hambug!

image001mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-001 image002mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-002 image003mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-003

As per sources at MCC, it is learnt that the Mayor had ordered the engineering department officials to carry on with the work immediately. He had also suggested the concerned officials to mention it as Kadri Market pavement as it it will be helpful to market customers and commuters waiting for the buses. But unfortunately only the interlocking work in front of the Congress office building was done in a speed (overnight), that the rest of the area close to the market is left unattended and still pending as of today.

Sources also reveal that MCC opposition party leader Roopa D Bangera was unaware of this and came to know the irregularities only after the portion of the work was done. She plans to raise this issue during the next MCC official meeting. It is also learnt that the MCC opposition party members are trying to sleuth more into this issue, and are also trying to stop the payment to be made to the contractor. But in the meantime, as per a MCC engineer it is noted that there is no option to take up such works by going against the rules. Despite not causing any inconvenience to the public, such works will have to be taken up according to the procedure. Unfortunately, it is the officials who get blamed, even though the Mayor took the decision.

image004mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-004 image005mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-005 image006mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-006

Tit for tat, the Mayor has his own version saying that all these allegations are baseless. Because there had been a proposal to interlock the pavement near Kadri market, but was delayed due to some procedures. I have not given any orders for this work, and there is no way work could be taken up without proper estimation. I will discuss this mater with the engineers and do the needful, had said Mayor Harinath.

In conclusion, whatever be the excuses/reasons our Mayor and MCC officials have to give, this urgent work of interlocking the pavement near Congress office building was done to please the CM and other ministers who had landed in Mangaluru to grace the inauguration of the new congress building, and also for the 100th birth centenary of Late Indira Gandhi. But on the other hand, no MCC officials nor the Mayor are ready to pass the orders to fix other dilapidated pavements/footpaths in highly populated areas where commuters are facing inconveniences- but these Congress honchos are ready to misuse tax payers money for personal interest, on projects like the one just taken up at Kadri market area.

image007mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-007 image008mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-008 image009mcc-interlocking-mangalorean-com-20161129-009

Truly, it is the complete misuse of power and money. Oh well- that’s how our City administration runs, I guess? No one listens, no one cares, no one is bothered and no one fears!

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  1. Dear Alfie,

    I am glad that at least you now know how your
    smart city is run – media plays a great part for these
    guys for whom long articles with lots of photographs
    are often the case of their glorification

  2. Happy that you reported this in your news. I have been seeing this from past 2 Sundays. Only the area near the Congress office has the interlocks. Rest both side interlocks/sand is just left as it is. This should be brought to the notice of the local MLA’s who will be occupying the Congress Office in Kadri Mallikatte and should be resolved at the earliest.

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