CM Kumaraswamy is Enjoying in Resort While Karnataka Suffers, Alleges MLA Sanjeeva Matandoor

CM Kumaraswamy is Enjoying in Resort While Karnataka Suffers, Alleges MLA Sanjeeva Matandoor

Mangaluru: “In Karnataka, the Congress-JDS coalition government will complete one year in power tomorrow. In one year, Karnataka hasn’t progressed. Instead, the entire state of Karnataka is on the verge of drought. In this situation, the Chief Minister of Karnataka is visiting resorts and enjoying himself. One of the cabinet ministers has also gone on a foreign vacation and is enjoying over there. The important issue of Karnataka right now is the shortage of drinking water. The Congress and the JDS parties are fully responsible for this crisis. The situation is the same in Dakshina Kannada as well. The state of this district is such that we have to search for the minister in-charge of the district”, said the BJP MLA of Puttur constituency Sanjeeva Matandoor in a press meet held at the BJP Office, Kodialbail here, on May 20.

Addressing the mediapersons Matandoor said, “Since the past three months, the drinking water problem of Dakshina Kannada has become terrible. In such a situation, no one knows the location of the district minister-in-charge. Water scarcity is also hurting the areca nut farms in our district. When I went to these farms, I saw that they have completely dried up. It seems like they may not be able to farm on the same land again as well. The reason is water shortage. The city’s bore wells have also dried up. A project called ‘Paschima Vahini Yojana’ was announced for the Dakshina Kannada district in the state budget. It has been one year since the budget was announced. Yet, we have not received a single benefit from this scheme. The scheme was about building a series of check dams and connecting the rivers that flow in this region. It would have supplied us with enough of drinking water as well as water for commercial purposes. However, even after a year, there has been no progress with regard to this scheme.”

Matandoor further said, “In order to clean the dirt accumulated in the Thumbe Dam, they are spending three crore rupees. The accumulated blockage is mostly sand. They have given permits to nine people to remove the dirt. But look at the way they’ve given the permit. In one Panchayat, if there is over 50,000 metric ton of dirt, they’ve permitted the contractors to clear only 1000 metric ton of dirt. The ones who are responsible for this is the district minister in-charge.”

He also said, “The state government had told us that they would give each of the district MLAs over 2 crore rupees involving the issue of water shortage. However, they have only given us 50 lakh rupees in the past year. Everyone knows that the Dakshina Kannada district is an educated district that always scores better than other districts in the 10th and 12th-grade board exams. But this time Hassan is ahead of us. JDS has openly accepted that this was possible only because of them. I have heard of ‘Golmaal’ in politics but never heard of ‘Golmaal’ in issues of education. All of this signifies that the coalition government is not going to last. The public also wants a different government.”

BJP MLA Bharath Shetty, Ravishankar Mijar, Sunjay Prabhu and Kishore Rai were also present. यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २० मे, २०१९