CODP and Caritas India hold Cancer Awareness at Ammembal Church

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Mangaluru: “Sparsha awareness on Cancer and COVID-19”, was organized at St.Thomas the Apostle Church, Ammembal recently. As people of the society consider cancer as a deadly decease and think that it is the end to life, there is a need to educate people on cancer and try to prevent it by accepting and practising a healthy lifestyle. SHG members from Mudipu participated in a session organized by CODP and Caritas India.

Ms Shilpa, took up a session on cancer and explained on the prevention of the disease. Cancer is a broad term, which describes the condition that results when cellular changes cause uncontrolled growth and division of cells.

She spoke on the general situation of cancer in India, and also shared the data of cancer cases in India which was published in a recent article. She also mentioned that there are 20,084 cases of cancer in Karnataka. The symptoms of cancer were explained and all those who attended the programme were advised to practice a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking, alcohol and junk food. Participants were encouraged to practice organic farming. Consuming organic fruits and vegetables could help a person to be healthy.

The Resource person spoke on the Government schemes which are available for the treatment of cancer. One of the best ways to prevent cancer is through regular check-up, because if this decease is detected and treated at an early stage, then definitely it can be cured.

Another session was taken on COVID-19 by Ms Rita. As it is a current pandemic, awareness was given to the people regarding social distancing, use of face masks and sanitizers and also avoiding social gatherings.

After the awareness sessions, Director of CODP Fr Oswald Monteiro and Fr Lawrence Parish priest of Ammembal church addressed the gathering and shared their inputs on health, and advised all to remain safe and not to lose faith in God. SHG members who attended this session were given food kits through CODP.

Ms Rita thanked all those who had gathered for the session and asked them not to neglect their health as it is the only asset for humans.

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