Colin Farrell ‘cautious’ about dating

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Los Angeles, July 2 (IANS) Actor Colin Farrell is “very cautious” about dating anyone.

The 39-year-old — who has sons James, 11, and five-year-old Henry from past relationships — is “reluctant” to enter a new romance because of the scrutiny he attracts and finds life “easier” when he is single, reports

“I’m very cautious about entering into relationships. I’ve basically been single for five years and, even though I love women, it’s difficult to get involved and put someone in the spotlight because of my being a celebrity,” OK! Magazine quoted Farrell as saying.

“You’re reluctant to expose someone to that unless you’re so much in love that you’re both willing to put up with the attention that’s going to follow you around. Being single is so much easier,” he added.

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