UAE: Dr Zakir Naik to Give Lecture in English on Sunday, 18 Ramadan

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  • Huge turnout of attendees expected for the lecture

Dubai: The ongoing lecture series hosted as part of the activities of the 14th Dubai Ramadan Forum, organized by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) in Dubai under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, will conclude on Sunday, Ramadan 18, 1436 AH, July 5, 2015 with a lecture in English by Dr. Zakir Naik.

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The lecture, entitled ‘What is the Purpose of our Life?’, will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC)- Zabeel Hall, from 10:30 pm till midnight.

Dr. Zakir Naik is a highly popular Indian Islamic preacher and a medical doctor by training. He has lectured on Islam and comparative religions all around the world to packed audiences, and was ranked 62 in the list of the ‘500 Most Influential Muslims in the World’ published by George Washington University in the year 2011 and 2012. Dr. Naik is also the president of the Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai. He is known for his uncanny ability to quote extensively from the Holy Qur’an and other religious scriptures.

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Dr Naik studied under the tutelage of renowned Islamic scholar Dr Ahmed Deedat, who was so impressed with the knowledge and ability of his disciple that he called him ‘Deedat Plus’, and said to him: “My son; you have achieved in four years what I spent forty years to achieve”.

Dr Naik says that his objective is to “focus on the educated Muslim youth, who feel that their religion is outdated or feel that it embarrasses them.” Over the past decade and more, Dr Naik has inspired hundreds of people from all over the world to embrace the religion of Islam.

Dr Naik is the founder and president of Peace TV, the Islamic channel with the largest viewership of any religious channel in the world. Founded in 2006, Peace TV English has been telecast to more than 150 countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America, and has an estimated viewership of over 100 million. In 2009, its sister channel Peace TV Urdu was launched, followed by the launch of Peace TV Bangla in 2011. Dr Naik plans to expand the Peace TV network to cover the ten major languages of the world.

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The 14th Dubai Ramadan Forum has attracted support from many strategic partners.

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  1. Actions speak louder than words-Mr.Nelso Lewis

    Sir, He use to be my next block neighbour studying medicine. He has married to a widow. I don’t know where you got his well crafted personal biography.

    He is still staying in the same block where he use to. If ‘Black label’ certainly his choice he would continued practicing medicine .Keeping dogs in Islam is not an compulsion or prohibited but do with certain conditions.Since you are earlier Middle East residence,you must have seen ‘Badhu’ keeping type of hunting dogs.

    His mother tongue is Konkani which is different dialect than one you speak. Where as English is a International Language which he choose to spread the truth though ‘comparative religion’.Well suit which he wears has no ‘monograms’ and trousers are above the ankle bone as per Islamic hygiene requirement. When Jews can wear skull cap and suit ,what is wrong with his attire which is decent and covers the maximum of his body?

    Well he is from Konkan region of Maharashtra his cuisine include both veg and non-veg.

    I am not a admirer of him. But it is my right to bring the truth which you people constantly spreading.

    His mission is comparative religion and the audience can be anyone who seeks truth and one God and true messanger.

    I may sincerly request you not spread lies in this forum.

    Jai Hind

    • “I may sincerely request you not spread lies in this forum” writes Sharia Shaikh.

      True – Only Sharia Pandita has the right to spread lies on this forum in the name of ‘truth’. After all, this is approved by ‘old book’ in the name of ‘taqiyya’!! Sharia Pandita and his group are hell-bent on taking all of humanity back to 7th century medieval tribalism filled with ignorance and violence. Look how owning a pet is also guided by his tribal belief system!! This is a sickness!! Every true rational, secular person should thank strong Western Military (Doddaanna, Israel etc) and a strong domestic forces like RSS, Indian police and Army for keeping human progress alive. In the absence of these forces, there will be no freedom or science. We all will be living like 7th century tribal groups.

      • and a strong domestic forces like RSS, Indian police and Army for keeping human progress alive. – Rampa

        Gasp.. gasp! The RSS to keep “human progress alive”? Gosh! Your fasting is making you see things ya Rampa. And I guess when that Joker called ‘GoalaMaalaKara’ advocated 2nd class citizenship and/or the Jewish solution to the minorities, I guess it was to keep “human progress alive”! Hahahahaha. What a Joker you are, my dear friend.

        Besides killing Mahathma Gandhi, managing to get banned KEVALA THRICE, marching like Bantam cocks in costumes that would have made Keshto Mukherji proud, spread hatred, explode a few bombs here and there, what else has the RSS done to keep ‘humana progressa aliva’?

        Enchina ya Rampa? But then, that was a top-class joke. I must admit that despite your fast, your funny-bones are in tip-top shape.

        • Joker Praveena Pinto,
          You think your masters will confront Sharia Shaikh and his folks? Yea, right!! Look how you and your masters are running away from even discussing the recent cartoon controversy!! LOL LOL What a bunch of jokers you guys are!!

          If RSS was banned three times, it shows that the ban was lifted three times!! If RSS was truly such a dangerous organization, why did they have to ban it three times and lift the ban again? LOL LOL LOL Clearly, you don’t understand how domestic political factors result in different events. I remember all the celebrations you and other illiterates had when Sri Modiji’s US visa got rejected!! Go back and read my posts in all these years trying to educate you political illiterates on how the international politics worked and why the ban on visa meant nothing. Finally, we all know what happened!! Not just visa, he even visited white house and met with President!! LOL LOL Yes -my analysis and posts are far more superior to your silly ramblings. I am here to educate people like you!! smiles….

      • Sharia Pandita and his group are hell-bent on taking all of humanity back to 7th century medieval tribalism filled with ignorance and violence.. – RampaNNA

        Preethiya Rampanna’avre,

        Please don’t forget that the “group” were helped to a very large extent by the Knight in Tarnished…. oops…. SHINING armor…. the USA.

        Despite your fast, your Jokes are getting better ya Rampa. I don’t think I need any more entertainment. That’s it – I have decided! I’m gonna sell my TV, DVD player, CD’s, Playstation 3 and set-top box on OLX (or is it But, no! I’m going to hang on to my 1940 model Telefunken transistor radio. You see, my dearest mother-in-law gifted it to me when I got married and it has immense sentimental value. (God bless my MIL). Besides, I need it for the mother-of-all entertainment – i.e., to tune into our Pradhana Sevaka’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

        Jai My Dearest Mother-in-Law Ki – for your Radio
        Jai Dearest Rampu Ki – for your Jokes

        Alli, nanna yeradu ‘Mann Ki Baat’ mukthaya aithu.
        Jai Hind.

        Ithee Nimma Praveena

      • Original RSS claims that he and his RSS too have a right to spread the lies. He said, “Sharia Shaikh” alone have no monopoly right to lie!

        People are slowly and steadily realising this fact, dear Paimaam!

        • Pincode Pai continues to embarrass himself by quoting me out of context. Then again, I understand his situation. For him, survival in republic of kaasaragodu is more important than public embarrassment!! smiles…

  2. When I see Dr. Zakir Hussain in suits, he reminds me of an Indian politician who always claims that he is serving the people of his State, but he lives in a bungalow, has Black Label, loves good cuisine, sends his children to convent schools, has dogs of pedigree and has given them Western names. If he is really serving his people, then he should stay in a tenement or simple house, consume country made liquor, have traditional food, including dhal bhaat and chutney, send his children to local or religious schools, keep pariah dogs as pet, etc. In short, whatever a person utters, “Actions speak louder than words.”

  3. Since Dr. Zakir Naik is an Islamic speaker on Islam, he should be totally Islamic in thought, word and deed. He should speak in Arabic (or Urdu, though this language should not have been the national language of Pakistan, but Punjabi) and not in English.

    He should not dress in suits, but should be in attire worn by Muslims – either an or an Indian Muslim attire. Why is he wearing suits that does not go well with the skull cap that he wears and considering his functions and missions in life.

  4. It’s very interesting to see the exchange between Sharia Pandita and Roy. Intellectual dishonesty and shameless loyalty towards foreign masters are the two common threads binding them together even when they think they are fighting over all these ‘differences’!! LOL As I have always maintained on this forum, the opportunistic but unsustainable alliance between these two groups is entirely based on a common hatred towards sanaathana groups. No matter how much you try to educate them on facts and history, they will never see the reality!! If you think Sharia Pndita is annoying, get a boat load of this Roy!! If I am right, this is the same guy who accused Sam Harris of attacking ‘only Christians’!! This is the same guy who accused Libertarians of ‘rejecting’ global warming while giving a pass to his religious leaders. When did Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Ann Coulter and many other conservatives become libertarians? What a joke!!

    I do reject all religious hypocrisy and ignorance. I don’t care if Raghaveshwara swamiji or Nithyaananda belong to sanaathana group or not. I don’t care if superstition at Subrahamanya temple is sanaathana or not. My criticism is based on intellectual honesty and ideals I believe in. Don’t expect Sharia or Roy to go against their masters anytime soon! LOL

    • Intellectual dishonesty and shameless loyalty towards foreign masters… Mr. Rampa – The Rake & Rambling Man muttering to himself.

      Pyare Rampu,

      Onchoor bhashana korpuna bundh malpule ye, Dhanikle. Remember that you are fasting! Besides, your shameless loyalty to that fascist organization called RSS is extremely amusing to say the least!

      Please google-up what Prof. Amartya Sen has to say about the RSS Chaddi’s agenda of filling-up top educational positions with dyed Chaddis and how he was literally ousted from his position at Nalanda University! Read about your Chaddi Balaga has appointed some unknown BJP chaddi called Ga.. Ga… Gaja Gaja.. (so sorry I’m stammering ya Rampu..Ga… Gajja…… but please hang on to your Chaddis.. I almost got the name….. Gajja….)…… Gajendra Chauhana …to the top position of FTII. And even the 1st semester students want him kicked out!

      And here, we have you doing your daily ‘Palayana Vaadya’ to your homegrown RSS chaddi masters. Good job ya Rampu.

  5. Mr.Jay,Sir, Thanks for your gratitude and wishes for me and my extended family.

    Well I just presented the same quotes in its full context. You can twist whichever way it suits to you. You are rightly said preaching someone is easy than following it.

    You can reserve full rights to your objections against ‘Jaziya tax’ .However you are willing to pay service tax,income tax what else what not in modern day without any tax benefits.

    Ironically sharia law is applicable to followers of Islam. It has never been forced as the mass media and people who distort. Even British in India have followed ‘Mohammeden law’ and was in force till Dr.Ambedkar wrote the constitution.

    I sincerely advise you to implement at least one versus of Holy Mathew in your daily life rather than presenting gullible internet search engine.

    Hope almighty guide you to the right path.

    Jai hind

  6. SMR – by saying “Tax Collector” did you mean Jaziya tax, it seems that you are still reminiscing of the past. Gone were those days where our forefathers were forced to pay, and lived in submission as second class citizens in dimmitude.

    Please do not quote scripture to me, in the Bible even the devil has quoted from scripture. Quoting is easy, but living by example and treating others the same way we like to be treated is hard. I believe in democracy and freedom, in the equality of man, and justice for all, unlike in Sharia which is exactly the opposite.

    I am of the opinion that I’m on the right path, and thanks, but no thanks for your prayers to your almighty. Please reserve all of the same for you and your loved ones, I am very happy where I am.

  7. Dear Mr.Jay,

    This is full quote of Mathew Chapter 5:43“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.When you present reference of holy books quote should be in full context.

    Please understand the whole context and do not behave like Pagans.In debate there is always opposing and favoring side.If opposing party try to pounce it will mimic ‘Fish market’ or Arnab Goswami anchor cum jurist win-win all the time.

    I don’t know where you get all the those exaggerated statistical figures presenting like a ‘Tax collector’. If you believe in ‘freedom of expression’ the debate should impartial and more specific to the subject. The truth is always bitter. So kill the massanger by imposing the visa ban.However glorify the others with rewards of asylum those having similar interest.

    You are making good progress.Please dedicate your more time reading and understanding the holy scripts rather than scrolling through to produce your meaningless arugement.

    I pray to almighty to show you the right path.

    “It may be that God will ordain love between you and those whom you hold as enemies. For God has power over all things; and God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”Chapter Name:Al-Mumtahina Verse No:7

    Jai Hind

    • “…do not behave like Pagans..” says Sharia Pandita.

      Dear Shaikh,
      Is Pincode Pai a pagan? Please let us know! smiles…

  8. SMR – Zakir may be a scholar to you, but definitely not for me. Do you believe that everyone (including you) has the freedom of speech? If so, please the foregoing twice before commenting.

    When Zakir was denied a visa and his entry banned all over the West in general, he hired top most lawyers who argued his case in our courts for over a year, but when an overwhelming evidence on tape was produced in court, the judges upheld the ban and he will never be allowed to step foot on our soil. Now you could feel that this was not right, and instead have issues with Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasrin, but they too had their days in court and the judges threw out the arguments against them, and instead provided them with police protection because of treats on their lives.

    When Bin Laden was polled as a Hero by 84% of respondents in the Islamic world, the West accepted this as the opinion of the people from that part of the world. But when our press dubbed Zakir as “A Preacher of hate” based on facts presented in court, objections were raised. In today’s world it is time that you and your ilk accept and agree that each and every has the right to his or her opinion as long as it is based on facts, it does not infringe on others democratic rights and keeps the peace.

    You say quote the Bible, and it is time you also live up to one of the best quotes from this book ‘LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND PRAY FOR THOSE WHO PERSECUTE YOU”

    • Dear Mr. Jay,

      I read your post and completely agree with your views. I just do not believe and trust Godmen and Babas in any religion.

      If you watch the lectures conducted by Dr. Zakir Hussain on the electronic media, I get the idea that the members of the audience attending the same are mosttly uneducated oand not well read lot. They appear to be to be the gullible, ignorant and naive types, who easily fall prey to any person who is an accomplished speaker – irrespective of the fact that he is talking the truth or bullshitting. We have had many examples in the past, i.e. Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Josef Stalin, Sir Winston Churchill and we have many cases in India too.

  9. Why are you not answering my question on cartoon?

    Sir, Your mentality seems din’t came out of childhood days watching ‘Tom and Jerry’. For an ‘Atheist’ shouldn’t be problem cartoon depicting elephant on human body etc..

    He should also denounce the RSS,VHP and Bajrang Dal for savage act chasing India’s most respected artist Late M.F.Hussain to exile.

    For your knowledge there is idolism’ in Islam. If you want to draw someone who has never seen like your great Grandpa and compare it to African tribals I have no objections.

    Please keep your cheap slur to your self esteem. You have been exposed of your true nature.

    Jai hind

    • Yes – for an atheist or non-religious guy, cartoon shouldn’t be a problem. That’s why I am okay with drawing cartoons of any individual/character. Do you support it?

      Remember – MF Hussain lived in India for decades even after drawing Hindu gods. Nobody got hurt. His self-imposed exile was unfortunate. The movie PK did great. Same as another movie, OMG. Imagine what would have happened if the movie was on pravaadi. We all know what happened to Theo Gon Vogh in Netherlands. We all know what happened to Charlie Hebdo.

      Finally, your comment on African tribal is in poor taste. It shows how people different color are viewed in your ‘peaceful’ society. Remember – those tribal folks are far more superior to your ‘peaceful’ tribal folks who are creating problems all over the world!!!

  10. Here is one such video of Taqiyya form Dr.Zakir Naik-Mr.Jay

    Sir, You once claimed to be master of Islamic study. But when I presented the quotes from Heavenly book Bibal you have no clue about it.

    Now you talk about ‘Taqiyya’ ,do you now the meaning in Arabic to have open debate with scholar.

    I suggest you to read the book and understand, rather than wasting your time seraching on

    If you have question direct to him or face him in open debate.

    Jai hind

  11. What debate are you talking about SMR?

    When presented with the truth based on what your authentic books, you come back with “Taqiyya” and more Taqiyaa which has all been sanctioned again from those very same books, so where do we go from here- the answer NOWHERE. Here is one such video of Taqiyya from your guru Zakir Naik.

  12. Can you even have a debate on your holy book-Atheist Mr.Original

    Sir, All his debate based on the holy book of Quran and teaching of Prophets. He is so instant in answering and referring the chapters to his questionnaire.

    Well his straight answer directly from the questioner from his own holy scripture may unacceptable or may feel offended.

    If the person is seeking truth,he will go back to his book research until he get satisfying answers.If not they will try to marginalize calling him ‘Kufaar’ or sects whose study income is being challenged due to the exposure.

    I would rather appreciate directly throw questions to Dr.Zakir or have open debate like Shri Shri art of living.

    Jai Hind

    • Are you saying that one can criticize and question your holy book? Yea, right!! LOL Memorizing an entire book and recollecting chapter and verse numbers hardly qualify as a debate!! Your society doesn’t have a healthy tradition of questioning and debates!! smiles…Why are not answering my question on cartoons?

    • I would rather appreciate directly throw questions to Dr. Zakir or have open debate like Shri Shri art of living. – Mr. ShaikH Moha

      Sir’ji, could we have some subtitles in English for that, please?

      Jai Hind

  13. I have watched this guy go on and on on TV. I have absolutely no issues with that because the channel is his. The problem however, is that under the guise of ‘Comparative Religions’, he pits one religion or the other against his religion and trashes the “other” religion!. Now, THAT is unacceptable!

    • Why is it not acceptable ? Is it not what your masters have been doing (True God Vs False God) for centuries ? Wake up, Joker Praveena Pinto!! Time for history lessons!! LOL

      • Is it not what your masters have been doing (True God vs false God) for centuries? – Original RampaNNA

        PyareLallu Rampu,

        First of all, why should a self-professed atheist RampaNNA bother with who is “True God” or “False God”? If Rampu were TRULY an atheist, he would care two hoots from the back of his Jhomblass Chaddi as to who is true and who is false! You see, for an atheist God simply doesn’t exist! And when God doesn’t exist, what is the point in labeling him/her as “true” or “false”?

        So, RampaNNA, now you know why YOU are the UNDISPUTED heavyweight JOKER here? SMILES.. :):) More jokes ya Rampa… please make my weekend. As it is, I’m tired of Arnab Gowswami blasting and deflating the BJP Chaddis – right from everything/everybody – Sushma, Lalitha, Dushyantha, Kaushala, Fadnavisa, Vasu Raje, Kirrena Rijjijua, Munde Pankaja et al.

        Dakshen karnaka Bava. More jokes please.

        Jai Hind

        • Joker Praveena Pinto,
          Atheists and non-religious folks are very much active in confronting and questioning religious bigotry. This is why I made a comment on architects behind ‘true god vs false god’ propaganda. Your masters are no different from this from ‘most influential’ list!! LOL As usual, you are not capable of understanding any of these. Why don’t you focus on your ‘beedi’ business ?

  14. denied vias-Mr.Jay

    Dear readers,

    If you all are really honest, truthful and just, then check out what these speakers really say in their speeches in context and then decide whether such bans are good or do they go against the basic right of “freedom of expression and speech”!

    Allah commands, “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah as just witnesses; and let not the enmity and hatred of others make you avoid justice. Be just: that is nearer to piety; and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Well-Acquainted with what you do.” [Al-Quran 5:8]

    How just these governments decision of providing asylum to Salman Rushdi and Taslima Nasrin preaching hate?Then why did Evangelist Benny Hinn has to cut short his religious tour in India under threat of Saffron terror?

    Jai hind

    Jai hind

    • Basic right of ‘freedom of expression and speech’ – says Sharia Shaikh.

      Freedom of expression and speech? Are you kidding? If you guys value it so much as one of the basic rights, how come it is totally missing in your ‘peaceful’ belt from Morocco to Paakistana ? Can you even draw a simple picture of pravaadi ? Can you even have a debate on your holy book? Who are you trying to fool ? You demand ‘freedom of expression’ only when you are a minority. As soon as you become majority, you wipe out all the freedoms as we see in those backward societies.

      • According to RSS Pai, Sheria Sheik being a Muslim, has no fundamental rights in RSS India! Reason given by him to justify his RSS theory of jurisprudence is that since Muslim countries, described by him as “peaceful belt from Morocco to Pakistan”, do not have secular polity.

        He is for deportation of minorities from India for the “wrongs” committed by some foreigners in the foreign soil!



        • Pincode Pai needs to stop embarrassing himself. I never denied equal rights to minorities. In fact, I am very proud of open, democratic societies where all parties are treated equally. I was only pointing out how ‘peaceful’ folks demand equal rights when their are minority and totally oppose the same to other minorities in their own societies!! He clearly knew my point. Still, he acts like an illiterate to show his loyalty towards ‘kasaragodu’ crowd. I understand his situation – I want him to be safe!! smiles…

          • RSS Pai knows that each and every post of his is intended to segregate Hindus and Muslims, yet poses to be non-religious. If any Muslim posts on this forum, he would give a twist immediately and identifies them with Muslims out side India. He is not prepared to accept that Muslims of India are equal citizens of this nation, like anybody else!

            All Muslims are non-Indians for him! Yet, he claims to be champion of democracy!

  15. Shoaid Daniyal has an analysis of Zakir Naik in which is must reading. Zakir Naik’s popularity amongst India’s middle-class Muslims points to a debilitating Salafi conservatism taking root.

  16. “he was ranked no.62 in the list of “500 most influential…” – Report
    I have a feeling that the top 10 from the list are either dead or being hunted down by Doddanna’s intelligence!!

  17. Wow, great article “a highly popular Indian Islamic preacher…”

    Your article make no mention and I’m wondering why this “great man” has been denied a visa and banned from entering ALL of the countries in the West, the America’s and Australia? Any idea?

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