Colon Health:

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The colon is the final staging area for digestion ? and the third most common site of cancer for Americans. Yet we could see 75% fewer cases with positive lifestyle habits, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. The institution offers this advice for colon health and cancer prevention:

1. Fill your plate with plant foods: The starring attracting in your daily meals should be vegetables, fruits. Whole grains and beans. This is an important measure for maximum protection against colon cancer as well as constipation.

Plant foods are low fat and fiber-rich with antioxidants and other substances essential for colon health. They also contain folic acid, a B vitamin that may help prevent colon cancer.

2. Get your vitamin D: The best sources are fortified milk, fatty fish, vitamin supplements and outdoors sunlight (15-20 minutes daily).?

3. Avoid charred foods: Meats, poultry and seafood grilled at high temperatures to a charred stage can create cancer-causing substances (heterocyclic aromatic amines). Eaten regularly, they increase colon cancer risk. Scrape off any charred areas of foods before eating them. Use non-charring cooking methods, like baking, stewing, or using a wok, microwave or crock-pot.

4. Exercise your colon: Moderate physical activity, 30-60 minutes daily, linked to a 50% reduction in colon cancer risk.

5. Don?t delay screening: Starting at age 50 (earlier if you?re at high risk) ask your provider about testing for precancerous polyps or colon cancer.

Source: American Institute for Cancer Research.

Author: Dots Rego- USA

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