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Congratulations on your 5th Birthday

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Congratulations on your birthday Nia!!

When you were born
The stars must have been perfectly aligned
To give us a loving daughter
With whom our life is intertwined
When you were born
The Gods must have thought
Let’s give this wonderful little girl
To this family who will love her a lot
When you were born
Our lives were infused with happiness
Your love will always be
What makes life so priceless

Like olive in a martini
Like cherry on a cake
Like cheese on a pizza
Wonderful our life, you make
Like a chocolate confetti
Like a delicious berry glaze
Like a fruity frosting
You never cease to amaze

Wishes from
Mom & Dad
Sushma & Kiran Fernandes
Sis Kyra

Sending birthday wishes, to a precious little girl,
who is sweeter than candy, and  more beautiful than a pearl!
Happy Birthday Darling Nia!

Wishes from
Alice Fernandes (Mai)
Francis D’Silva Kundapur (Grand Pa)
Vincent /Ivy, Allen, Vanessa & Arnold Fernandes (Dubai)
Lancy/Sunitha, Melita & Lenora Fernandes
Joseph/Flavia, Ashley Fernandes
Janet/Roney, Ruth /Cowan, Orpha Suares
Violet /Joseph, Ronak & Astel Pereira
Maxim/ Anita & Michelle Fernandes
Felcy/Rockey, Robin, Ronston, & Roydon Sequeira
Rajesh / Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha and Selwyn Fernandes
Ramcy / Sneha, Ian and Aaron Fernandes
Roshan / Divya, Aiden & Arika Fernandes

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