Jimmy Fallon doesn’t worry about competition

Jimmy Fallon doesn’t worry about competition

New York, April 24 (IANS) TV host Jimmy Fallon, known for “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, says he doesnt fret over competition with other TV chat shows.

“There’s (David) Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel. I mean, you have a lot of options. I can’t worry about that stuff,” Fallon said in a statement

He added: “I just got to kind of keep doing the best stuff we can possibly do, keep our heads down, and then, when we come up for air, you see all the fun stuff you did, and you go, ‘That was a pretty good body of work’.”

Asked how he differentiates his show from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Fallon said: “We are in New York…Last names.”

“Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” is aired in India on Comedy Central.