Congress doesn’t feel threatened by BJP, asserts Shivakumar

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Congress doesn’t feel threatened by BJP, asserts Shivakumar

Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar on Tuesday hit out at the BJP for disrupting the ‘Nyay Yatra’ of Congress in Assam.

Addressing protest organised by the Congress to condemn attack of BJP workers on Rahul Gandhi’s Nyay Yatra in Assam, he said: “The BJP goons are holding mantrakshate (prasad) in one hand and a lathi in the other. The Congress is not threatened by these goons.

“The yatra has been stopped in Assam for the last two days. It is not allowed to enter Guwahati. This makes us wonder if the Constitutional democracy is alive or not in this country. We strongly condemn this action by the BJP.”

“Rahul Gandhi has taken up the Nyay Yatra to unite people against injustice. The BJP is shaken by this yatra and hence it is trying to disrupt it at any cost,” he said.

Shivakumar said that thousands of Congress leaders have sacrificed their lives for peace and unity of this country, and Rahul Gandhi has been a witness to the killings of his grandmother, uncle and father.

“Has any leader from the BJP sacrificed anything for the country? This is the reason he has taken up this yatra. Only Congress can do this,” he said.

Thanking the party workers for gathering for the protest at a short notice, he said: “We will not budge to any conspiracies and threats of BJP. Our fight for the unity, integrity and peace of the nation.”

Shivakumar also said that a new date for the postponed party workers convention, earlier scheduled for January 21, will be announced soon.

“Congress President (Mallikarjuna Kharge) is coming to Karnataka for the Republic Day, we will discuss with him and announce a new date soon.

“The Lok Sabha elections are fast approaching. All of you need to do party work. We have to ensure victory for the party in all the four constituencies of Bengaluru city. Booth level work needs to be done by us. There will be BBMP elections after the general elections. The party will give you opportunities based on your organisational skills,” he said.

Asked about a statement by Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwara that he was not consulted, he said: “The guidelines were prepared after consultations with everyone. The appointments to Boards and Corporations will take place according to those guidelines.”

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