Congressman Janardhan Poojary celebrates Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday with Ashram Inmates

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Congressman Janardhan Poojary celebrates Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday with Ashram Inmates

81-year-old Congressman Janardhana Poojary celebrates Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday with Ashram Inmates by donating fruits and snacks packets on Sunday, 9 December at Prashant Nivas ashram- Jeppu at 9 am; St Antony Ashram-Jeppu at 9.45 am; 11.00 am- Abhaya Ashram- Konaje; 12.30 pm- Saanidhya Ashram Shaktinagar; and 8.00 pm at Yateem Khana Ashram-Bunder

Mangaluru: Even though at this ripe age of 81 years, Senior Congressman Janardhana Poojary still continues the decades old tradition of celebrating Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday, by visiting a couple of Ashrams and donating fruits and snacks packets to the inmates of the Ashrams- and this year too was no exception, where on Sunday, 9 December Poojary made a visit to Prashant Nivas Ashram- Jeppu at 9 am; St Antony Ashram-Jeppu at 9.45 am; 11.00 am- Abhaya Ashram- Konaje; 12.30 pm- Saanidhya Ashram Shaktinagar; and 8.00 pm at Yateem Khana Ashram-Bunder

Poojary, aged 81, is a mixture of the best and worst in a politician and is a difficult man for most people to comprehend. Poojary has built himself a reputation as an indefatigable worker whose integrity is above question. But arrogant as he is, he also succeeds in rubbing almost everyone the wrong way, but He is still loved by all as a strong congressman in the party. Poojary has built himself the reputation of being an aggressive workaholic. A man of austere needs whose integrity is above question, his crowd-pulling capacity coupled with his loyalty to Gandhi family has worked in his favour. Since He is very much close to Sonia Gandhi, he makes it a point to celebrate Sonia’s birthday in a unique way spending time with the inmates of various Ashrams/Orphanages.

Poojary said that the party workers have been celebrating Sonia’s birthday in this manner since so many years, and will continue to do it in future years too. He expressed faith that Sonia has the capability to continue the farsighted programmes former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, had envisaged. “Sonia Gandhi has been working strenuously for the overall development of our country. People of the country wish that she will serve the country forever,” he said. When a journo asked Poojary, who had served as Union minister in Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi governments about his candidacy for the next Lok Sabha election- Poojary said.

“Whoever be the Congress candidate, the person should win, and it is possible because of unity in Congress party. I have already told the party high command that I am ready to contest Lok Sabha election. I am in touch with party high command. If we fail to win the confidence of people, it is difficult to win the election. It is not my achievement, but the blessings of voters. Let them give me the ticket to contest if they have confidence in me, and I will see that there is development in our Country if I am elected”.

At the programme of fruits and snacks distribution held at Prashanth Nivas Orphanage-Jeppu, Mangaluru addressing the orphanage inmates Janardhan Poojary said, “You are all children of God, and you are all not different from others. You are all just like me, with no differences. People who differentiate you from others are not human beings. I feel happy to be among you all today on the birthday of Sonia Gandhi. Among you are those with no parents, some abandoned by parents, some differently-abled, but whatever be the case, you still are children of God, and taken care and loved by the Sisters of this organizations. If not for these religious Sisters who are like your Mothers or Sisters, you would have been still left on the streets”.

Poojary further went on to say-“How many of you believe in Jesus Christ? (everyone raises their hands). I too believe in Jesus Christ, Rama and Mohammed Paigamber, and every night before going to bed I say prayers and ask blessings from all these three Gods. Because of my beliefs and nature some have even tried to kill me. It’s okay if they kill me, but there are still millions of people in the world who still believe in Jesus Christ, Rama and Mohammed Paigamber- Is it possible for them to kill all these people. Shame on such people who are spreading hate and communal disharmony in the community. We should least bother of such bigots who are destroying the society. Let us all work in unity and live in peace and harmony. Christmas is nearing, let us practice the meaning of Christmas of giving and sharing”.

Prior to Poojary’s address, Sr Supreetha said the prayers, and Sr Tulia prayed for Poojary’s health and success; and Sr Veeda compered the programme. Sr Marceline Braggs, the Superior of Prashanth Nivas proposed the vote of thanks. MCC Corporators Ms Sabitha Misquith, Ms Shailaja, Ms Asha D’silva and Ms Appi; former MCC Mayor Ms Jacintha Alfred; A C Bhandary- Tulu Koota President; Congress leaders Kallige Tharanath Shetty, and Mohan Shetty; Ex-MLA Vijayakumar Shetty were among present during the programme. Fruits and snacks packets were distributed to the nearly 375 inmates of the Ashram.

Later Poojary visited the St Anthony Ashram, and delivered the same kind of message to the inmates, and later donated fruits and snacks packets to the 450 inmates of the ashram. Basavaraj, the Caretaker in charge in the absence of the Director and other clergy of the Ashram, who had gone on a different assignment, welcomed the gathering on their behalf, and also proposed the vote of thanks. Poojary later during the day, made visits to Abhaya Ashram- Konaje, Saanidhya Ashram Shaktinagar; and Yateem Khana Ashram-Bunder.

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