Coronavirus: Dubai issues new quarantine guidelines for returning residents

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Coronavirus: Dubai issues new quarantine guidelines for returning residents

Dubai: Dubai Tourism has released a new set of guidelines on hotel and home quarantine for residents returning to Dubai.

On Thursday, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced a massive initiative to facilitate the return of 200,000 residents from different countries to the UAE.

The guidelines by Dubai Tourism, issued earlier in the week, are for residents coming back to Dubai, not visitors.

Two options
According to Dubai Tourism, residents who return to Dubai have the option of either hotel or home quarantine.

Prior to their arrival, travellers should be fully equipped with information regarding the 14-day quarantine requirement, the hotels and rates qualified for quarantine and the criteria for home or hotel quarantine. This information will be provided to them during and after their airline ticket booking.

Upon arrival, they must undergo the COVID-19 test and follow clear directions given to them at the airport. They must install and register with the COVID-19 DXB app and sign an undertaking as required. Requests for home quarantine will be duly verified, and if found unsatisfactory will necessitate a booking for a hotel quarantine.

The list of quarantine hotels is available on the Dubai Tourism website.

The residents then will go through the regular immigration and baggage pick-up procedures.

In the case of hotel quarantine and onward travel to other emirates, transportation must be organised. Maintaining social distance requirements is also a must.

Quarantine stay
The guidelines mandate a 14-day quarantine for all returning residents who should ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations at home or in the hotel. Residents should stay inside the room throughout the quarantine period. They will have access to a tele-doctor 24/7 through a dedicated mobile app. Thy will have to clean their rooms and wear a face mask and gloves as required.

If their medical condition changes, the hotel will inform the Dubai Health Authority which will take necessary action. Upon successful completion of the 14-day quarantine, the resident will be eligible for check-out.

Home quarantine criteria
Those who are eligible for home quarantine must also abide by specific guidelines. The check-list is as under:

– They should have a separate room with a private bathroom

– Resident’s health should be stable and neither the resident nor other house members should fall in the high-risk category

– They should have an active phone number

– They should be capable of adhering to the precautions and address safety concerns

– A first aid kit , including thermometer, should be available

Residents must also abide by the Smart App instructions. They should monitor their symptoms and ensure temperature check. In case of an emergency, they must use the SOS feature on the app and call DHA’s hotline at 800342 or the ambulance at 997.

They must be away from other household members and in case they have to leave their room for any emergency, they should wear a surgical mask, cover mouth and nose with tissue while coughing and sneezing, discard used tissues safely and wash their hands immediately with soap and water. The hand wash protocol must be followed often enough before touching things, after using the bathroom etc.

Dos and don’ts for caregivers
Household members and caregivers must be limited and take all precautions. Only those in good health must be assigned.

Surfaces in shared areas such as door handles should be cleaned daily with disposable gloves and disinfectants.

Shared spaces must be well-ventillated.

The other precautionary measures – like touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands must be avoided.

Laundry should be washed thoroughly and separately and hung out in the sun.

Quarantined person must be provided meals at the room’s doorstep without any contact

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