Court restrains Husband Fleeing Abroad after Cheating Wife

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Court restrains Husband Fleeing Abroad after Cheating Wife

Udupi: Kundapur Civil and JMFC Court have ordered the Passport office to restrain Jagadish alias Jagannath of Nada village of Kundapur Taluk preventing him from fleeing abroad after he cheated his lawfully wedded wife by marrying another woman. Now the aggrieved wife, Amitha has approached the Superintendent of Police of Udupi District for protection of self and family from husband Jagadish.

Briefing to media persons on Monday, March 26, Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag, President, Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi said that about six years ago, Muttaiah Acharya’s son Jagadish married an unsuspecting 22-year old Amitha from Airody village and settled in his ancestral home in Tenkabail of Naadagram. Although Jagadish did not show her any care right from day one after their marriage, Amitha quietly abided by her duties as a wife. Jagadish used to get irritated and lose temper with her for minor reasons and Amitha did not know why. She bore all the tantrums and insults without a word and led a lonely life.

A marriage of adamancy

After two years of torture, Amitha figured out the real reason for her husband’s unruly behaviour. Prior to his marriage with Amitha, Jagadish had been living and having a relationship with another woman of the Ganiga community. When this came to the knowledge of his parents Kamala and Muttaiah Acharya, they insisted on having a daughter-in-law from their own Vishwakarma community. With the full knowledge of their son having an affair with another woman, they successfully made an alliance with Prabhakar Acharya’s daughter Amitha and achieved their goal at the cost of an innocent girl’s life.

Application for dissolution of marriage

In 2014, after this fraud committed by Jagadish came to light, both the families got together and discussed the matter, and finally came to the conclusion that Jagadish must pay Amitha a compensation of Rs 25 lakhs and dissolve their marriage through a decree in court. As per the agreement, Jagadish paid an advance of Rs 10 lakhs with the assurance that he would pay the rest after the dissolution of the marriage. He also signed the papers for dissolving the marriage through mutual consent. After the dissolution case was filed before the Senior Civil Judge at Kundapur, he stopped appearing for the hearings in court. By this, he thought that he could do away with paying the rest of the amount of Rs 15 lakhs. He had the audacity to think that he could take advantage by delaying the matter in court and elude himself from paying the compensation.

Complaint to HRPF

Amitha and her family approached Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi to seek guidance. She was given legal guidance. The matter was brought to the notice of the District administration. Amitha expressed apprehensions of Jagadish fleeing the country with his second wife without dissolving the current marriage.

Meanwhile, more outrageous revelations awaited Amitha at Naadagram. “Jagadish is already married to me and we have two daughters named Aisiri and Aishni”, a shocked Amitha was informed by Sujatha. Amitha has described the same in her petition to the Court.

Now as per the directions of DC Priyanka Mary Francis the Women and Child Welfare Officer has requested the Court to order a stay against Jagadish preventing him from leaving the country. Accordingly, the Court has ordered for the same and it has also passed an interim order that Amitha is paid Rs 2000/- per month as maintenance pending litigation.

Amitha and the foundation members were also present during the press meet.

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