COVID – 19: Action Will be Taken Against Quarantine violators – Kota Srinivas Poojary

COVID – 19: Action Will be Taken Against Quarantine violators – Kota Srinivas Poojary

Mangaluru: The District administration has taken all the measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. Hundreds of passengers land in the Mangaluru international airport from various countries and many positive cases have been found. In this context, the district administration has started to stamp the international passengers for self-quarantine.

speaking to the mediapersons District Minister In-charge Kota Srinivas Poojary said, “To control the spread of Coronavirus, the airport authorities have started to stamp the passengers for self-quarantine. The passengers have been categorised into A, B and C for screening. Those who have symptoms of fever, cough or cold are categorised as A and taken to the hospital.  Those who do not have any symptoms but are above 60 years of age with high BP or diabetic are categorised in the B group, they are considered to be of medium risk. Those who do not have any problems and below 60 years of age are categorised as C group, they are considered to be of low risk but will have to compulsorily will have to be home quarantined”.

Kota Srinivas further said, “Flights coming from Gulf have more than 50 to 60% passengers from Kasargod. The Kasargod border has been closed and closely monitored. Those who are undergoing self-quarantine should strictly follow government guidelines. Those being stamped on their hand for self-quarantine should compulsorily remain at home for 14 days. If they are found roaming around, they will be handed over to the police”.

Kota Srinivas also said, “All the vehicles come to the district will be checked. I request everyone to avoid travelling and cooperate in controlling the deadly Coronavirus.”

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