Cristiano Ronaldo’s first club retires his No.7 jersey

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Lisbon, Nov 14 (IANS) Portuguese third division football club Andorinha has decided to retire the No.7 jersey as a tribute to the country’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who began his career at Madeira island side when he was a child.

The decision was approved by members of the general assembly and the club president Jose Bacelar, who confirmed on Friday this means that from now on no player can wear the number 7 jersey, except Ronaldo himself or a direct descendant, like his son, reports Efe.

The Real Madrid player has been a honorary member of Andorinha since July.

Ronaldo played in the team from Madeira, his native land, for two seasons between the ages of 8 and 10, after that he played at Nacional and then made the leap to Lisbon.


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