‘Cutting off Head, Legs or Hands are not Our Culture, I am Not Afraid of Life Threats’- Mithun Rai

‘Cutting off Head, Legs or Hands are not Our Culture, I am Not Afraid of Life Threats’- Mithun Rai

Mangaluru: “I am not afraid of such threats because we don’t believe in the cutting off hands, legs or head culture. I am not afraid of life threats. I have received such threats in the past and now this is not new to me. The one who has given the life threat to me is just a puppet. We need to find those who are inciting the youth to indulge in criminal activities”, said District Youth Congress President Mithun Rai on May 27.

Mangalorean.com இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: ஞாயிறு, 26 மே, 2019

Speaking to mangalorean.com Mithun Rai reacted to the recent threat to his life which went viral on the social media and said, “Yes, the video of Bajrang Dal activists giving life threat to me has gone viral. The opposition is playing politics of enmity. They are trying to create fear among the youth and discourage them to involve in politics. Such statements show that democracy is in danger. The one who has given me the threat is just a puppet of the one who is behind him.”

Mithun Rai further said, “The youth do not understand that some leaders are using them. They use the names of organizations and are giving threats to us. The investigation should be done and strict action should be taken against those who involved in creating hatred and enmity.”

Responding to the threat Mithun Rai boldly said, “Those who cannot tolerate my Hindutva have threatened my life. I have got police protection but to those who have threatened me with life, I am available in the Congress Office, Mallikatta until late evening. If anyone tries to destroy communal harmony in the district, the Youth Congress will raise its voice against them.”

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