Daring Mayor Raids various Massage Parlours and Skill Games Centres in city

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Daring Mayor Raids various Massage Parlours and Skill Games Centres in city

Mangaluru: Daring Mayor Kavitha Sanil once again raided massage parlours and skill games centers in various places in the city here on July 11.

The Mayor along with her team raided a number of massage parlours and Skill Games Centres in the city.

Addressing the media persons Mayor Kavitha said, “In the city, many skills games centers have been operating illegally. This skill game centre is operating without a trade licence. Many youth spoil their lives wasting their valuable time and hard-earned money. In the coming days, parents should come forward to stop such illegal activities in the city”.

Mayor further said that in the city many have obtained the License from the MCC to run Ayurveda centers but after obtaining the trade licence they run an illegal massage parlour. Today we have raided three massage parlours and found illegal activities being carried out there. In the coming days, we will raid all the illegal massage parlour and take action against those involved in illegal activities.

Mayor also said, “The police only catch hold of those who do not wear helmets, jump the red signal or violate traffic rules. They do not raid such places where illegal activities are being carried out. I have informed the police to come to Falnir Members Lounge since the owner of the skill games center was very rude and adamant to come out of the shop. Even after 45 minutes now, the police have not reached the spot which is a sad part of policing. I will wait till the police come to shut the illegal skill game centre”.

Speaking to the mediapersons, Owner of the Members Lounge at Falnir Sujitha Rai said, “We have  the supreme court order to run the skill game centre. We do not need any trade license for this. Without any prior notice raiding the centre is not fair. We will continue our business and we will not shut down the centre for any reasons.”

Sujitha further said, “Last time when the ACP has raided my centre I had filed a case. Today the Mayor has come to stop me from running my skill games centre. I am sending Rs 2 lakh to the concerned police station every month, the police cannot do anything to me. For any reason, I will not shut down my business.”

Later Mayor informed the police to take action against the skill game centre as the owner of the centre was adamant to close the shop. She said that she is not afraid of MCC or anyone since she has the supreme court order to run the skill game centre. The Police who arrived later to the spot and took the owner with them to the police station. The MCC officials later sealed the centre.


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  1. Mangalore has Silent mode MLA’s but this Lioness Mayor is Brave enough to Clean Mangalore.She is able enough to Handle Police Department. I wish she could have been DC or District-in-Charge Minister. Every son will have dinner with parents at home instead of spending nyts at Pubs and clubs. Great Job Madam 🙂

  2. I think we also need to concentrate on more of environment protection. Hope she raids on all printing shops and says a big NO to plastic and flex. Mayor you do this. We will respect you more.

  3. Bravo madam hats off great job done by you clean the manglore city from hopeless things spoiling young generation

  4. I have no doubt that Mayor is trying to do good things for the city. I don’t question her motives. However, are these raids legal? If they don’t have the license, she should have taken legal route to take action, right? How come there were no police with her? How is this different from Bhajarang Dala or Sri Raama sene riding illegal activities? How is this different from ‘moral policing’? The hypocrisy of media and many readers is troubling.

    Why are local MLAs not cooperating with her? Congress is in power at State level and city level, right? Where is the ‘beautification’ MLA? Where are the pseudo-secular and pseudo-rationalists who cry ‘moral policing’? Oh well…

    (By the way, – Good reporting. Also, liked the video clips – I hope that you continue to expand your footprint in video channel as well)

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