‘Life Looks Very Successful’- Udupi Origin ‘Mrs India 2017’ Winner Tripti Rao

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‘Life Looks Very Successful’- Udupi Origin ‘Mrs India 2017’ Winner Tripti Rao

Mangaluru: A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests also incorporate personality, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria. Beauty pageants remain one of the oldest and well-known symbols of sexism in society today. However, the fact remains that beauty pageants still celebrate and reward a narrow view of feminine beauty. Many women who participate in beauty pageants contribute more to society than many would have expected in the past. By their very nature, beauty pageants support the idea that, for women, any noteworthy success or accomplishment should ideally be presented in a pretty package – conventional feminine attractiveness being the package in question.

About “Mrs India”- “I am Woman Eternally Beautiful” -India’s Largest National Platform to showcase Beauty, Glamour, Talent and Culture of Indian Married Woman. At ‘Mrs India’, they don’t look for Models but they Make Role Models. And they firmly believe that Married Women are the biggest natural resource of any Country-She is backbone of family and society. It is very important to recognize and appreciates her contribution to family and social values as this will not only encourage her better but will inspire many more. ‘Mrs India’ is Trade Mark of Mrs India Pageants and Productions Pvt Ltd a Concept by Deepali Phadnis who herself is “Mrs Asia International 2012”- a multifaceted personality with many National and International awards under her Cap. After being part of many International events Deepali realized if Beauty is a totally subjective thing and decided to break stereotypes about Beauty, and with this thought, Deepali instituted ‘Mrs India’ with theme of Beauty in Diversity as every woman is Beautiful and Every Woman should feel Beautiful.

The Indian Woman in her lifetime assumes numerous significant parts that make her crucial. She in the line of Entrepreneurship consider Business Enterprises, Operate them, Undertake Risks and handle Economic Uncertainties required in maintaining a Business Enterprise. Mrs South India challengers are Successful Indian Women who endeavor to act naturally certain, agile, exquisite, magnetic and respectable in the representation of India at home and around the globe. Notwithstanding being a Hallmark of India and an image of Beauty and Success, the Mrs India 2017 challenge gives a Career spring bound to its members. It is comprising of a youthful and lively group whose mission is to advance the improvement of a situation that enhances the capability of the Contestants and to bolster them form into dependable adulthood.

‘Mrs India’ have a remarkable contribution in the field of Pageants and it’s proved to be the most successful Beauty Pageant in the Indian History of Pageants for married woman by winning three International Titles in One year. Mrs India have Won following International Titles in short span of three Years-‘Mrs Asia International’; ‘Classic Mrs Asia International’; ‘Mrs Planet’ and ‘Top 10 Mrs World’.Mrs India’ is India’s only National Beauty Pageant that offers International to Indian Married Woman from 2013, Winners of Mrs India participate in in World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant including- “Mrs World”; “Mrs Asia International”; and “Mrs Planet”.

The Pageant has provided a fascinating glimpse into how Indian standards of femininity have been defined, protected, maintained, and challenged. The pageantry had given a chance for married women like Tripti Rao, originally from Kallianpur-Udupi to unleash their talents and expose their beauty. But what one realizes beyond that is their warm and straight forward attitude towards life – beautiful, inspiring and infectious. Tripti Rao seems to be a strong young lady with engaging thoughts. She seems incredibly sharp, intelligent, confident and poised.

Born in Kallianpur-Udupi now settled in Bengaluru, Tripti Rao is the proud daughter of Late Ravindranath Rao, a LIC Officer; and Ms M Vasanthi Rao, a homemaker. Over 10 years of professional experience as an educator, entrepreneur, corporate trainer, professional counselor and an HR personnel at premier management colleges, Media houses, IT companies and at NGO’s, Tripti is an enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate students; Widely networked with industry executives and academic veterans with a large database of professionals who occupy fairly senior/ top positions in industry. She is a passionate entrepreneur with leadership experience in diverse work culture and aspirations; and has excellent counseling experience which encompasses a range of issues; and also Conscientious and caring with extensive knowledge of offering advice, support, rehabilitation and guidance.

Pursuing Ph.D (Human Resource Management- Topic “ Diversity Management in Indian IT organizations with special reference to Recruitment”.) from VTU; Tripti had done her Master of Philosophy (M Phil) in Management. The title of my thesis is “A comparative Study on Personality traits and Optimism among women employees and women entrepreneurs” at Christ University, Bengaluru, where she also did her Masters in Business Administration in Marketing. She later pursued her PG Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore; and Diploma in Personnel and Counseling Skills at Banjara Academy.

To her professional career she has various credits presenting papers on various topics at various places-like Presented papers at International Conference on “Global-Business Opportunities and Challenges” at PESIT Bangalore Nov 2013; at International Conference on “Challenges of Sustainability and Growth in Indian industry” at BMS. Dec 2013; at 3rd National Conference on “Emerging trends in HRM” at PESIT, Bangalore on November 2013; at 13th International Conference on “Engaging trends , Challenges & opportunities in global Business Management, Tourism & IT, Goa Oct 2014; at Christ University on Employee Job Satisfaction in Helios & Matheson in March 2015; and at the 5th International Conference on “Management and Economics”, at the University of Ruhuna Sri Lanka August 2016.

Tripti has also attended various Workshops and conferences, to name a few-Plagiarism Awareness workshop at SJBIT; Research Methodology workshop at VTU Regional office Developing Research Manuscripts- IIM – B; Five day Entrepreneurship Development Program conducted by EDI; Two day Workshop on Supply Chain Management-Best Practices and Challenges in BNM Institute of Technology in association with IIMM; International Conference on “Global-Business Opportunities and Challenges” at PESIT Bangalore; International Conference on “Challenges of Sustainability and Growth in Indian industry” at BMS; 3rd National Conference on “Emerging trends in HRM” at PESIT, Bangalore; One week Management Development Program conducted by BNM Institute of Technology, among others.

A founder member at Irish consulting which is a management consultancy offering compatible guidance to improve the economic prosperity of the organizations through the use of best practises, Tripti Rao is a master corporate trainer and is associated with many MNCs and educational institutions. Her experience and association with people from various domains help her to effectively manage people and their behavior. Possessing excellent inter-personal management skills she has conducted training programs on People Management, Leadership and Communication skills. Her Areas of Training Expertise are -Communication skills; Interview skills; Corporate etiquette; Mentoring and coaching; Body Language; Presentation Skills and Decision Making. To her credit she has various Awards and Recognition, among them are Proud winner of Mrs. INDIA-KARNATAKA First Runner up- 2017 AND Mrs. INNER BEAUTY SUBTITLE . Now being the winner as “Mrs India 2017” she is qualified to compete for either “Mrs World”; “Mrs Asia International”; and “Mrs Planet”.

Following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with Tripti Rao:

Q: How does it feel to be the crowned as ‘Mrs India 2017?

Feel like nothing is impossible as long as you are focused in achieving your goals.

Q: How do you measure success?

Success is not actually measured by awards, rewards and honours but when you are able to hold on to what is right even when the world says it is wrong and able to live, enjoy and inspire people.

Q: What was the most important part of pageantry? How did you manage to win this pageant?

For someone who never in her wildest dreams ever thought of becoming a beauty queen, the pageant was a wonderful and unexpected turning point in my life. Winning the first runner up was a surprise and a moment to be cherished all through my life. My most memorable experience was the journey itself.

Q: Which phase of the competition was your favorite?

I loved the ethnic round where I walked as a Mangalorean Hindu bride.

Q: Did you feel different from the other contestants? What made you unique?

I’ve very supportive family and friends who stood by me through thick and thin. Also my profession as an educator and my passion as a counsellor has prepared and equipped me very well to deliver and be the best in whatever it takes.

Q: What do you think would be the three qualities that every woman should have?

The qualities are to nurture tolerance, love, and patience.

Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

My childhood memory lies in being brought up in rains and sand of my coastal area.

Q: How did you prepare for this pageant? Have you competed in pageants before this one?

Prepared in my walk, talk, exercise, and diet regime. This is my first beauty pageant.

Q: Who is your latest celebrity role model?

I admire US talk show host-Oprah Winfrey

Q: What is your favorite social media platform to use and why?

Whatsapp.. as it is private yet public to spread the message.

Q: What your Husband and parents have to say about your success in this beauty contest?

Very elated, happy and proud. They say I should encourage other women who dream of being one.

Q: I am sure that your family is such a huge support to you and for your journey in this pageant. Was there any particular thing a family member has said that has inspired you to go this far?

My mom who said – I’ve taken a vow for you to achieve your goals.

Q: Winning in this beauty pageant, do you have any ideas for a change in your career for the future?

Too early to think about it. Having said this am open to all the opportunities that knock on my door.

Q: How would you define your personal style? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Personal style is just by being me. I see a confident and a determined woman.

Q: What is your greatest strength and what is your biggest weakness?

Strength – Self motivated, self inspired. Weakness – only one ..sometimes impulsive.

Q: From where you stand right now how does life look?

Life looks very successful because of my hard work, dedication and focused efforts.

Q: What would be your greatest achievement that will make you feel your life was a huge success?

My continued efforts in women empowerment where I can reach more and more women will be my greatest achievement.

Q: Okay, later in the years in case if you were to choose from films and modeling, what would you choose?

I would choose both as long as my talent is recognized and portrayed in a very positive way.

Q: Being a beautiful young lady yourself, who would you consider as the most beautiful woman, and why?

I feel each one of us are beautiful inside out. I hate to compare and god has made us unique and different with a purpose.

Q: What is that you would like to share with Mangalorean.com readers? Also some words of advice to younger girls who may want to follow in your footsteps.

A beauty pageant queen is today society’s role model.It is to remind women of their dream and to believe that the dreams come true. It is to tell society that beauty alone has no purpose but with, right intellect, experience, and heart for giving, she can conquer all.

Team Mangalorean congratulates Tripta Rao on her achievements, and wish her luck in the ‘Mrs World”; “Mrs Asia International”; and “Mrs Planet” pageant .

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