DC Ibrahim Appeals for Prudent Use of Water in View of Scarcity

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Mangaluru: Deputy commissioner and ex-officio district magistrate A B Ibrahim has made a special appeal to the residents of Dakshina Kannada to use water meant for drinking as judiciously and prudently as possible. This is in view of an inordinate delay in the arrival of monsoons and extreme heat conditions prevailing these days.

As a result of these factors, the ground-water level had slumped. Even borewells, open wells and water-bodies are going dry. The drought has affected humans, animals and birds alike. Even in urban areas where water was freely available on tap, there has been a severe scarcity. Hence he has advised the public to use it wisely.

In comparison, the rainfall in the early part of last year was 94.2 mm whereas it was just one tenth – 9.4 mm – this year. Water level at the Thumbay dam would deplete if there are no pre-monsoon showers in April and May. He has requested pumpset-owners to refrain from lifting water from Netravati for a few days and avoid waste of water.

He has also requested the public to place water bowls in front of their houses so that birds can survive the heat. It is way to prove one’s humane virtue, he said.

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  1. DC Ibrahim you woke up very late. We must have started rationing water since Jan 2016 . why was it not planned properly ? You are looking for water only when the pressure builds up in your stomach.

    Shame on all the officials who failed foresee the coming disaster even after scanty rains in the rainy season and even after that!

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