Delicious Indian Food That Satisfies the Taste Buds

Delicious Indian Food That Satisfies the Taste Buds

Food is what we and every other living organism eat to survive. This is the only common thing about food between us and other organisms. All living organism in the universe eat to survive but humans are the only creature who eat to satisfy his taste buds. A hot, delicious, and tasty meal is needed by every sane person on the entire Earth.

There are a lot of many dishes that will give you immense pleasure. But the actual thing behind every tasteful meal is the science of cooking. A science in which everyone does not excel. But now, the online food delivery system enables anyone to order food anytime at most of the places. Zomato is one such best online restaurant search and order portal. You can use Zomato Coupons to get awesome discounts every time you order food online by Zomato.

Delicious food is a food that is highly pleasant, agreeable and appealing to the senses, and that which create a sense of completeness especially in terms of taste and smell. Indian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. It is being praised in almost all the world and hence many nations have renowned Indian restaurants are flourishing in a different part of the world. Indian cuisine comprises of a variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to different parts of India depending on the availability of ingredients. Staple Indian diet consists mainly of grains, legumes, vegetables, dairy products, meat, and spices, etc. Indian cuisine is as diverse as Indian languages. The food taste varies from region to region. Butter Paneer of Punjab region will taste different from the curry of Uttar Pradesh. Beef consumption is a taboo as Cow is considered sacred in India except for Kerala and Goa, where it is served in many restaurants.

From giant Dosas of south India to chicken recipes of North, all of them are equally attractive, elegant and tasteful. The Indian state of Assam is famous for their homemade wine from Rice. The rice is fermented for days to create a beautiful colored wine that is becoming famous in other parts as well. Baati Chokha of Bihar is a gem. This delightful dish from Bihar is almost available in the entire Indian subcontinent. Paranthas, Chicken curries of Punjab and Delhi are really jaw-dropping. You can enjoy an endless variety of Paranthas in Paronthe Wali Gali in Delhi. Goa is Indian heaven for seafood lovers. A wide variety of delicious fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, etc can be easily found in the streets of Goa. Gujarat is different. Gujarat has an enormous range. It has many tasteful dishes that are native to Gujarat as Thepla, Phaphada, Dal Vada, Khaman, etc. Apart from this, it has modified many other Indian dishes according to their taste too. Sweetened Kadhi, Sweetened Dal is a few of the examples.

The World famous Thali is not a dish; it is actually a bouquet of many dishes. An Indian Thali consists of various curries, Lentils, Chapati or Indian bread, steamed rice, Poppadoms, chutneys, and some sweets. The Thali may have more or fewer items depending upon your choice and the place where you are eating. An Indian Thali is best to taste any flavors of Indian cuisine at a time.

Most Indian dishes are filled with spices which enhance its flavor and color. The most common spices and ingredients used in Indian cuisine include mustard seeds, cumin, curry leaves, green coriander, Garam Masala, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger are used along with the main components like vegetables or meat in the dishes. Indians usually have a well-stuffed drawer with lots of spices. Spices are the major flavoring components of Indian cuisine.

Again food is the basic requirement and Indian food is a luxury. Indian recipes are continuously added up by foodies around the globe. Indian food is vast; it is its color, flavor, presentations, and love that have made it globally popular. If you travel to India, you will find much more different variety of food that you may haven’t seen or tasted. So don’t feel shy, do not hesitate, and do not panic about the calories, just grab the Indian meal and swim in the ocean of taste and flavor.