Designer who only uses plus-size models

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Los Angele, Jan 8 (IANS) New York-based fashion designer Courtney Smith aims to expand the definition of beauty by only draping her clothes on full-figured women.

Smith launched her clothing line Rum + Coke over a year ago as she couldn’t find clothes she felt good in.

“I started the company because I saw a need for women who look like me. And I’ve seen how there’s a lack of plus-size women of colour in advertising, and we’re such a big population that I would think someone would notice us,” quoted Smith as saying.

She is open to diversify her options in days to come.

“I feature plus-size women of color in my campaigns, because I feel it’s a necessity. We’re largely under represented. But that’s not to say I would never use a white woman,” said the 25-year-old.

The designer’s line includes a variety of dresses raging from size 2 to 3X.

“I started designing because I’m designing for women who are confident, who are sure of themselves, who are empowered and I think that doesn’t have a size tag. There’s not one size or color or weight limit on confidence,” she said.

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