Die Worse – 2

Divorce grew up with our generation, which saw divorcees balloon from less than 2 percent of the population in 1960 to over 8 percent today.

It is cast as a threat to one of our most sanctified institutions. But this affection for matrimony often masks a different reality. Divorce can be good.

After all, when marriage was pitched as a lifetime bond, no one thought that lifetime might last 100 years.

Put simply, things end. And that ending itself, while it can cause great pain and suffering, shouldn’t always equate with failure.

So we set out to give divorce credit for improving lives rather than just disrupting them. In the process, we uncovered some deeply entrenched myths that contribute to divorce’s bad name. As we challenge these myths, we’ll try to help you understand and cope with divorce in a way that’s best for you and everyone involved.

Divorce tears us apart. Divorce tears relationships apart, but often helps people put themselves together. And in freeing themselves from unfulfilling marriages, they may find the inspiration to enter a new phase of life.

There are many Examples,even after divorce,both partners stay as good friends.sometimes divorce teach us to love our partner more and there are chances to get back together.

Divorce stunts children. Kids are stronger and smarter than we think. Many are bucking the statistics that suggest children of divorces are less able to develop into well-balanced adults. They’re learning fromtheir parents’ mistakes and leading better lives because of it. Sometimes, divorce is better for children, than with parents fight for silly reason daily.

Sex ends with divorce. sometimes divorced man is so attached to his Ex-wife he is not able to perform better with his new wife, that may lead him to one more disaster.

In short run man suffer more emotionally and financially, many men are not able to cop with their emotions, and if they lose child custody. Most men do not get Child custody even if they are saints. As per law men has to pay his wife, alimony or child support, so he suffer financially too. Many men are not able to hold their job After divorce, it totally ruin them. on the other side, most of the time women get finacial support from her Ex husband and child custody, if she get marry again she will get other man to pay her bills. But same if man get married again he has to support 2 families indirectly.

Author: Rudolph D`Souza- India