Diocese Catholic Sabha invited for ‘Go Green’ initiative

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Diocese Catholic Sabha invited for ‘Go Green’ initiative

Udupi: The Catholic Sabha, Shirva Deanery, students of Don Bosco and St Mary’s Educational Institutions along with other associations organized a rally to educate people on conservation of forests and preservation of nature, chanting “Go Green” as they went through the streets of Shirva.

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Fr Stany Tauro, Correspondent of Don Bosco and St Mary’s Educational Institutions flagged off the rally. In his message to the students, Fr Tauro urged the students to effectively conserve forests and nature. He also said that the implications of deforestation and other core issues concerned with nature are affecting us. “The students and public have to play an important role in addressing the issues concerned with nature,” he added.

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Fr Tauro then distributed saplings to the school pupil leaders and college presidents.

The programme witnessed the participation of students from Don Bosco English Medium High School, St Mary’s PU College and High School and St Mary’s College. Associations like the Lions Club (Shirva), Rotary Club (Shirva), Jaycees and others jointly supported the initiative.

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Catholic Sabha Spiritual director Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves, Parish Pastoral VP Wilson D’Souza, Parish Pastoral secretary William Machado, Principal of Don Bosco English Medium School – Fr Mahesh D’Souza, Principal of St Mary’s PU College – Irene D’Souza, Principal of St Mary’s College – Prof Rajan V N, ZP member Wilson Rodriguez, TP member Geetha Wagle, Dr Arun Hegde, Dr Gururaj, Melwyn Aranha, Melwyn D’Souza and others were present.

Later, a rally was organized from Don Bosco School Campus to the Shirva Bus Stand. Students shouted slogans on conservation of forests and other environmental issues. Saplings were distributed to the students after the conclusion of the programme.

image029diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714 image030diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714 image031diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714 image032diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714 image033diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714 image034diocese-catholic-sabha-go-green-initiative-20160714

According to Valerian Fernandes, the president of Udupi Diocese Catholic Sabha, as per the call of Pope Francis in his Laudato Si encyclical, the Pope mentioned about the pollution of the environment. He urged the people to plant more trees. “In our diocese, the Catholic Sabha has taken the initiative to organise such programmes in 5 deaneries. Under the leadership of presidents of Catholic Sabhas in every deanery and with the support of school children and local associations, saplings would be distributed and awareness would be created,” he added.

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