DySP Ganapathi had Beaten Catholics, Priests and Nuns

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DySP Ganapathi had Beaten Catholics, Priests and Nuns

During the year 2008 when Church attacks took place, DySP Ganapathi who was Circle Inspector at Kadri Police Station, he along with other two senior cops had mercilessly beaten priests, nuns and Catholics- Do You Know That? A complete explanation below by Former Bombay High Court Judge, Michael Saldanha, a Mangalorean reveals the ordeal. Lest We Forget!

Mangaluru: The suicide of DySP Ganapathi seems like a political issue, with both the ruling Congress Party and the opposition arguing over the incident. Even though DySP Ganapathi had given a statement to a TV channel that a minister and two other higher police officials were responsible for his depression, in the same time he could have apologized and said sorry for his brutal act in thrashing a priest at Permannur Church, near Ullal-and nuns at a school near Kulshekar Church. But he kept numb, and only had spoken about the case of 2008 Church attacks being again charged on him – that could have led to more depression. While BJP and other activists have been strongly condemning DySP Ganapathi’s incident, but how many of them have come forward in protesting against the brutal murder of Vinayak Baliga, which was master-minded by a saffron activist.


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In any job, unless you are in the top post or in a management duty, there is always stress and pressure from higher authorities – that’s how life at a workplace is these days. Not only in India, even abroad, ask people who work in USA, Europe or Gulf Countries – most of them work under stress and depression. No one commits suicide – they know that life is precious – and committing suicide is a crime. In India, The Section 309 in the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for attempted suicide. The maximum punishment which can be awarded is imprisonment for a term of 1 year. Taking a drastic step by committing suicide is not the right thing to do for stress or depression. In the case of DySP Ganapathi’s suicide, it should be left to the CID to do a thorough investigation and bring justice to the case. Protest and unrest in the cabinet will not serve the purpose.

While many organizations have come forward in support of DySP, but has anyone pointed about the role of Ganapathi as a circle inspector during the 2008 Church attacks in Mangaluru, where he had thrashed religious Catholic persons, including the Faithful, and had also ordered his police force also to do so. It is also learnt that Ganapathi was suspended twice during the BJP government then. All his acts have been recorded by a couple of TV channels as per Retd. judge Michael Saldanha. Following detailed report submitted to Team Mangalorean by Saldanha will explain it:

LEST WE FORGET: by Former Bombay High Court Judge Michael Saldanha

The suicide of DySp Ganapathi was undoubtedly tragic and the impact on his family has been devastating. I feel deeply for all of them and more so for the many false statements made by the powers that be in their defense which only add to the hurt. Let me remind these who belong to the rich and the powerful sector that in law there is such a thing as “Right of Privacy” and more importantly that even a dead man cannot be unjustifiably defamed – I have enforced both these concepts rigorously as Judge of the Bombay High Court which made Global Headlines.

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Unfortunately, what stands out is something else. In the year 2008, Mangaluru witnessed the type of communal violence that would have put the ISIS to shame. While the Media projected it as being Communal Attacks directed by another community against the Catholic Community and their places of worship the truth was otherwise. The then Home Minister who belonged to this District and a set of Police Officers directed by him, instigated and encouraged and given the total confidence that nobody would or could touch them,unleashed the type of violence and brutality which was unprecedented.

Since Judicial Enquiries in this country have spent crores of Rupees and turned out to be a farce, but what is even worse, a complete cover-up for all the atrocities that have taken place, the Citizens of India have zero faith in such exercises and dismiss them as a total fraud to shield the guilty. We, therefore, set-up in 2008, a Peoples’ Tribunal Enquiry which was not funded by the State or by anybody else but we looked after or own modest requirements. I headed the inquiry and personally gathered the evidence, scrutinized it, sifted it and finally produced a Report that made Global Headlines. A few copies of the Report is Kannada and Konkani and CD’sof the English Report are available -please contact William Pais at 9742037081


The findings recorded by the Enquiry conclusively indicated that the Violence which was all one way was perpetrated by the State Machinery i.e. the Police and that there was zero justification for this. The Home Minister stated that the persons who had assembled refused to disperse even though Sec.144 was promulgated. I examined the facts and the law and conclusively held that this was downright false and that no such order has been promulgated and that even if it were to have done that there was zero justification for the step.

The Home Minister made a laughing stock of himself by stating that it was the Christian Congregation who attacked his heavily armed Police forces and that was why the Police ran wild, broke the heads of 151 innocent youth, caused fractures and serious injuries to 690 Senior Citizens of the age group of 70 and above and that too, Ladies and Nuns. In the Kulshekar attack where the Police entered into a Girls School and mercilessly assaulted everyone inside 388 Young Girl Students, 19 Nuns and 163 Mothers of the Students sustained injuries of seriousness. In this incident, which was led by police Inspectors, Ganapathi and Jayanth Shetty, the two of them stormed into the Office of the Head Mistress who was a Nun, smashed the Furniture, assaulted her with Lathis and even hit her in the face, shattering her glasses and causing very serious injuries.

Let me just quote one instance relating to the Peramanur Church. The Sunday Morning Mass was going on and there were about 340 persons of all ages participating in a very sacred service. Police Inspectors Ganapathi and Jayanth Shetty arrived there with three Truck Loads of Armed Police, led by the SP. Satish. The Church was surrounded and all the doors were locked. Ganapathi and Shetty entered the Church, walked up to the Altar, beat-up the Priest – the Celebrant and the next thing they did was to get up on the Altar with their Boots and Kick the Sacred Chalice and Hosts and everything including Statues on the Alter were smashed by these two officers.

They then called in the Police and led the type of barbaric assault on every man, woman and child present in the church and not one of them escaped without serious injuries. Most of them received Head Injuries and it took something like ten days to clean-up the Blood. Unfortunately for these officers apart from the Local media the BBC & CNN were present at everyone of these atrocities and they have taken Videos which I have scrutinized very carefully. These were then shown to the whole world. How could anything of this type be Justified or Condoned?

Ganapthi and Shetty along with Satish under the express Directions of the then Home Minister then arrested as many of the injured persons whom they could catch hold of. This was done so that they were denied Medical Help and there could be no concrete evidence. How sinister were these Police Officers and Home Minister Acharya, because during these attacks a total of 3879 injured persons were arrested. Mercifully, none of them died because they were put into trucks and taken to different cities as far as Hubli, Belgaum, Bijapur, Gulbarga etc. The Local people on the way and at those places gave them some relief. These are all simple innocent people some of whom remained in custody for up to ten months – nobody even arranged for Lawyers for bail and they have been completely ruined. These officers followed-up these wicked deeds by filing charge sheets in over 2000 cases and it took the next three years of hell for the victims because these cases never went on and were ultimately dropped as they were all false proceedings.

I am beholden to the Media because in the Milagres Church incident where the very sacred Adoration Monastery was smashed and the Congregation which had gathered were not only lathi-charged but teargas was also used. These attacks were again led by Ganapathi and Shetty along with Satish. They started hurriedly gathering the empty tear-gas shells and the Media persons picked up some of them as they were curious as to why this was being done. They produced the Shells before me during the Enquiry and we found that these shells had been used nine years after the Expiry Date and these Police Officers did not want that fact to come out. The result was that over 400 persons landed in hospitals, some of them in the ICU because the Gas was toxic and could cause death. This fact emerged when I visited the various hospitals, spoke to the persons and the doctors and checked the Medical Papers.

The Home Minister alleged that the Christian Congregation had stoned the Police. The Media had again picked-up some of these “Rock Pebbles” and produced them before me because again Ganapathi and Shetty along with their troops were busy collecting these Missiles after each incident. My Investigations reveal that there were no stones at any of the places of the incidents. These Police officers had procured these rock pebbles from the river sites in a Tempo and then used them and over a hundred persons had suffered serious injuries because these can be lethal.

Lastly, when I confronted these Police Officers with this indefensible evidence they were arrogant and defiantly told me that they had the full protection and backing of the Home Minister and the Govt. and that nobody could touch them. What stood-out in these cases was the savage levels of Violence and Cruelty that were demonstrated and the mental make up of these Police Officers and what was even more dangerous was the fact that they were motivated by unprecedented levels of hatred against the Christian Community- that was what shocked and distress the world leaders

Like the NAZI War Crimes, these atrocities cannot be forgotten or played –down. There is a nemesis that catches up on all those involved in these incidents, it is too dangerous to forget them because the danger of repetition would then arise.

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  1. We all speak so much against Christian religion. Why are you now worried about it ? The following religion is one’s freedom of belief ? If one is happy about their accepting a particular religion, none has the right to opine against their belief. There are still a lot of hungry and underprivileged. Look after them, uplift them instead of engaging in hatred on humanity! Without hurting others, causing hatred to other religion. Practising any religion, need not be questioned. Why such huge hue & cry now after so many decades! It is our duty and right to respect our forefathers who have accepted a particular religion for some reason. Let us not slush mud on it ! There are so many. Uplift them. A lot of ugly practices have been eliminated by education. Do we wish to go back now to live how we were a century ago? Will anyone accept the old practices? If some are offended by all these modernisations, stop sending your children to learn English. Stop craving for jobs overseas! Instead of preaching others, start practising! Stop your children wearing modern dresses and then come out to teach others! Stop spreading hatred! The World is beautiful. Chant and walk – Live and let live happily ! Earth will be heaven!

  2. There are debates on the innocence of the late DySP Ganapathy, thanks to his controversial career. Leaders like R Ashoka declared that the police officer had a clean career, but several departmental enquiries against him tell a different story.
    His 25-year career was marked not just by allegations of corruption, but also alleged inaction during the Mangalore church attacks of 2008.
    On September 14 of that year, the Adoration Monastery of the Sisters of St-Clare, near the Milagres Church in Hampankatta, was attacked by Bajrang Dal and Sri Rama Sene activists.
    Reportedly the attacks were carried out to intimidate Christians who loudly protested against attacks on nuns and religious heads in Odisha.
    In 2014, he had been suspended for not following Standard Operating Procedure, allegedly after he pocketed money recovered from a thief.
    A businessman named Rangaswamy had lodged a complaint with the Rajagopalnagar police station in October 2013, stating that Rs 1 crore had been stolen from his relative’s godown. But in the FIR, Ganapathy had written that only Rs 24,000 had been stolen. When the money was recovered from the businessman’s younger brother, Ganapathy allegedly returned only Rs 64 lakh.
    Ganapathy, then inspector of Yashwantpur police station, was part of the team headed by then Bengaluru Joint Commissioner (Crime) Alok Kumar that allegedly killed rowdy sheeter Pachi alias Prashanth in a fake encounter on September 25, 2010.
    The late officer suspended twice during BJP,now became hero of the party. God’s court has finally given verdict that he committed on duty.
    Now BJP Karnataka President B S Yeddyurappa raising voice against DYSP Ganpati suicide. Why is he called police official not to harass some Hindu youths in a murder case in Hassan district?

    Jai Hind

  3. Highlighting only one side and not acknowledging the bad behavior and mistakes on other side are counter productive to what this report is trying to achieve. Moreover, discrediting and disrespecting a dead police officer who left a clear testimony on TV channels reflect poorly on this community and its leaders. I truly wish we all could see past religious/political bias and engage in a rational discussion for a better society.

  4. My Reply to Krishna & Venu-
    You are justifying this brutal and barbaric act, just because of the conversions, how are you different from the thinking of IS, If you call yourself a true Indian, we Indians who never ever started a war and are always peace loving, we should have had a discussion and brought it to a peaceful end, otherwise how different are you in your thinking from them. And who was targeted, inocent people , childeren, senior citizen, any different from a cowardly act.

    We as the human beings should be more rational in our thinking and not mix Religon, caste, language, etc to create differences, hatred and bloodshed.

  5. For any clear thinking person, it was very clear that all sides made mistakes during 2008 incident. Police responded only after a few trouble makers engaged in property damage and pelted stones injuring cops. Unfortunately, police responded with disproportionate force assaulting many innocents who were used as shield by the trouble makers. Quite honestly, re-opening this old incident to discredit a dead Police officer shows poor taste and bad judgement. This is no different from the case of an individual from Hindu community who disrespected Traci road accident victims on Facebook purely based on religious bias. Oh well…

  6. This is a fit case for CBI Inquiry in order to deliver justice. CBI should have independent authority to probe any case in the nation without seeking permission from the State Govt. There should be checks and balances in the democracy and no one should cover up the culprits, no matter how powerful he/she is. Look at the FBI questioning their own former boss — Hillary Clinton about her e-mails, simply because she allegedly lied. Using toxic gas on innocents certainly requires a International level of inquiry as this gas may be as dangerous as chemical weapons.

  7. These series of attacks could have been averted if the Catholic clergy had distanced themselves from the splinter groups like “New Life” who are worser than Zakir Naik at hurting the sentiments of others, including Catholics and Protestants. But alas, a Mangalorean lady politician had called up the Catholic Bishop a few weeks prior to the incident and ordered him to say that all Christians are united. This was an orchestrated attempt at dividing the populace. You cannot blame the police. They’re just the means for the ends of the politicians. If they don’t obey their orders, they’ll be posted in far off and naxal prone areas. Nobody would like to be away from their families. All blame should rest on the late, highly corrupt and immoral politician from Udupi.

  8. Very rarely my Eyes will get wet ………..but this Article made my Eyes totally wet.

  9. Mr Saldanha, whoever he is, and as we had seen always with this kind of people, has drawn out a extremely false, biased, coloured, communalised, one sided narrative on a unfortunate incident. No surprise because the very purpose was just that, to play his community as a victim of a ‘ hateful bull dozing community with all powers like a Minister, a SP and a bad Dy SP’. If you read it, you will feel that there was s Minister, a hate monger, who one day suddenly woke up and took his mobile and instructed his police personnel to enjoy beating up of priests, nuns and lots of Christians and they all just do so with pleasure. Laughable indeed. Mr Saldanha there could have been some thing, even if a very vague one, that put all these into motion, right? Why you deliberately missed all the details which would have turned around the whole story? Do we Need one Mr Saldanha to hide certain realities about what Christian Missioneriws do all over the world in converting unassuming poor members of other communities covertly? Is it a secret today that the gathering that Mt Saldanha describe as a very important and sacred ones are many times occasions of conversions of Hindu citizens exploiting their unfortunate state of atmosphere poverty, marginalisation etc by offering help and persuasions of all kinds? Is it not true that such activities have already produced a Converted Christian Community as one huge entity today placing them neither here or there? Is it not true that there is immense tension in the Society because of this one unethical mass program which agitate Hindu Community? If this one major unpleasant issue is stopped there is no other single issue between communities who love and respect each other and go about with their regular spiritual and material life as one prefer. Mr Saldanha is not and will never go and speak the real cause of such incidents as in Mangalore which in anyway, for any reason, should never happen at all. Because, for obvious reasons, it is not his intention. There is a huge propaganda machine not just in India but around the world aided and funded by western religious powers. BBC and all other entities are tools of their communication network.

    • If you mad at your spouse, do you kick the dog to take out your frustration? Why beat up Nuns and innocent elderly people for conversion by the Missionaries. There are Missionaries in other religions too. Hare Krishna Panth is one example. Why one has to change his/her religion if he/she is firm believer in one’s own religion. You should understand the Freedom of Religion little better.

  10. Very well compiled report by Justice Saldanha. Sorry to note that one more skull has to be broken for the postmortem. A death sentence from God who is a supreme judge. Let’s pray for the peace of their soul.

  11. I have seen the media reports of the same Home Minister was guest of honor at Rosario Church function. All drama in the name of democracy.

  12. KJ George has now fabricated this story to invoke his minority influence. Terminate him from the ministry and get him arrested. If Congress wants to save at least Karnataka the only big state in their ambit should act immediately

  13. Indebted to Justice Michael Saldanha for the initiative shown .Not sure but i think majority of christian leaders stood by the community .
    Lots of people suffered as expressed by the numbers shown by Justice .
    The issue hear is where does this cynicism come from ? Did the government endorse the same ? Was it a Hindutva agenda ? What is Hindutva ? what purpose does / did it serve

    The world is in turmoil with ISIS and Islamist fanaticism . The call of Allah before an attack on innocent lives makes one draw a link to Islam and i really don’t want to take that issue up here . If possible search for what i write in responses to Times articles .

    What is of importance is why this hatred ? Does one neutralize a threat by propping an unlikely adversary . These days the RSS and its affilates look at christanity through blue lenses due to ISIS being aggressive . Does that mean the initial doubt has gone or just pushed under the carpet ? or does it mean it can focus on only one threat and does not want to instigate the other communities too . is this all about politics and religious -sociological balance

    Lots of questions need answering ?

    Path Ahead : is view through the lens of humanity and let bygones be bygones .
    Once again Justice , hats of for taking the bull by its horns .

  14. Beautifully complied. you have the energy and patience to put up a report like this. did you notice it was only from your perspective. There was no mention of the underlying causes of this attack. un-ethical and illegal proselytizing. Rampant encroachment into Hindu space and blatant plagiarism of Hindu symbols and practices. the most notable act is preying on young Hindu children. you present it as if you are embodiment of virtue. the pictures speak. burning logs and tyres? look at the body language of your people. Your tone was both accusatory and sounded like you were justifying the “death” of the DY sp. how about doing a similiar report on the circumstances of death? Truth will come out. for you truth is totally one-sided. Thanks to your article, now we know that it was sucide ” assisted by misuse of power”

  15. Hello, This is my opinion talk, i u feel bad anybody really soory that.

    At that time Dysp Ganapathi was circle inspector so he has to follow his senior office even they are more pressure if the situation is not under control. This is not happened in one particular religious

  16. The Mangalorean Catholic institutions, leaders and associations have done nothing to prevent a repetition of the horrors of the 2008 Church attacks. There have been no efforts at police reforms to make the police accountable to the people they serve and supposedly protect. Mangalorean Caltholic institutions, leaders and associations are too preoccupied imitating Western fads to think seriously about dealing with the important challenges facing the community.

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