District Bandh sends clear Message to Yettinahole Supporters

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Successful district bandh sends clear message to Yettinahole supporters

Update (12:02pm): The members of NRSS gathered in front of Mangaluru City Corporation to protest against the Yettinahole project.

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Speaking to mangalorean.com, president of NRSS Vijay Kumar Shetty said that the people of Dakshina Kannada have supported the bandh wholeheartedly. “They are well aware of the water crisis in the district and the consequences of the Yettinahole project. This bandh will not be limited for a day but will continue in the coming days. If the project will not be dropped, we will go to the Supreme Court. We will fight until the project is dropped.”

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Advocate Dinakar Shetty speaking to mangalorean.com said, “Through this bandh, the people of DK have sent a very clear message to the government as well as to those who support the Yettinahole project. The district minister in-charge Ramanath Rai and the state government should now understand the decision of the people and drop the project, else it will be the murder of democracy.”

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Dinakar also said, “We are ready to sacrifice our lives but we will not allow the Yettinahole project to be completed. We will continue our agitation till the government drops the project.”

Mangaluru: The district observed a peaceful bandh on May 19 to protest against the continuation of the Yettinahole project.


The members of the Netravathi Rakshana Samyukta Samiti had called for a district bandh on May 19. The Bus owners’ and drivers’ union, the Autorickshaw union and various organizations supported the bandh.

On the morning of May 19, Bajrang Dal activists blocked the road at Nanthur junction and burned tyres. Later, the activists gathered at the circle and recited the Hanuman Chalisa.




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At 11:30 am, Sri Rama Sene activists will hold a protest in front of the Gandhi Statue.

So far the bandh has been successful and no untoward incidents have been reported. A clear message is being sent to all those who are supporting the Yettinahole project. Police have been deployed in petrol pumps and marketplaces to monitor the situation. Vehicles are being checked at various places.

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  1. Hope people of the district will continue to fight for the preservation the environment. Netravati diversion must be stopped. Its because of mother nature’s fury that our dear Mangalur is suffering from this extreme water shortage. It makes me very sad just to think that how a city which had abundant water supply , now resembles the cities which are prone to water shortage frequently like Bidar, Kalaburgi etc. How man can destroy the nature and reap its consequences is a lesson in front of us for all of us to learn. One more factor which contributes to the heating up of the city is use of air conditioners which throws out hot air and makes the atmosphere more dry and non conducive to rain. We must voluntarily stop using ACs for the benefit of our future generations and preservation of environment.
    We must start planting more and more trees, stop wasting rain water. We must voluntarily start rain water harvesting so that at least our future generations will not suffer like us.

  2. While raising voice against this environment destroying project is commendable act …I doubt the presence of politicians from the congress and BJP in this dharna ..Is it the govts ploy to weeken the authentic voices from within ? Probably time will tell. Hope they are not the wolves amongst the sheep.
    I Feel this is the right time for the people of coastal Karnataka to come together and place a demand for a separate state. It will be a permanent solution to free ourselves from pathetic Bangalore based administration.

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