DMO to Protest Vilifying Campaign Against Dr Zakir Naik

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District Muslim Organizations to Protest Vilifying Campaign Against Dr Zakir Naik

Mangaluru: Dr Zakir Naik is an Islamic educator and debater whose sole interest is preaching Islamic teachings by peaceful means. He has time and time again condemned all forms of terrorism.

All his speeches are available in the public domain and have tens of thousands of viewers worldwide. It is absurd to hold him responsible for the actions of those who have happened to view his videos or follow him online. Hence the statements made by responsible ministers in central and state governments and by investigation agencies are all ill-motivated.

The intended moves of the government agencies against Dr Zakir Naik amounts to curtailing free speech and religious preaching by minorities. In this matter, Muslim organizations of DK district will hold a protest in front of the DC’s Office on Friday, July 15 at 3 pm.

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  1. There you go – now we know how moderate muslims think and who they support. They are the true champions of peace and free speech. They are right – Zakir hussain has nothing to do with terror attacks. In fact, Islam has nothing to do with Islam. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to more important things like hindu-bashing, church attacks and RSS-bashing!!

  2. Dear Brother Mr. Pai,

    As a Muslim there are many views of Zakir Naik that i do not agree with. I think the days of blindly believing someone is past us. But to brand him as a terrorist and hate monger is utter non sense. I urge you to watch one full talk of Dr Zakir Naik on Youtube on any subject. Not a news clip of 2-3 mins shown on news channels.
    You can Judge Dr. Zakir Naik after you listen to his one full talk.

    The reason i am saying this is i have been listening to some of his videos since last 10 years. It had made be a very peacfull person. I started respecting other religions more after hearing Zakir Naik. I learnt lot of good things from him. Whatver i disagreed with him, i ignored it.

    He has 14 million followers of FB, 200 Million watch him on Tv daily , so to brand him as a hate monger is a serious crime. And that is why people are protesting. Nobody would have protested is the core contention of Zakir Naik haters was that they don’t like his views about other religions. That would have been a valid argument. But here the media trial on Dr Zakir Naik is disgusting to say the least.

    With all humility, I urge you to be more rational in your critisim of Dr Zakir naik and the protest that is held today.

  3. Mr. Hanif,

    Dr. Zakir Naik is a big fraud who has taken advantage of mostly Muslims from the lower economic strata and institutions by professing to them the superior of Islam over other religions and, in return, enriching himself to become a multi-millionaire.,

    Why is he now afraid to come to India to answer the queries of various agencies, if he has nothing to hide? If you see his Youtubes, at least in one of them he has praised that international terrorist, Osama bin Laden, who spent the last five or fix years of his life in a large mansion in Abbotabad, Pakistan (a terrorist country, whose madrassas are production factories for terrorists), married to four wives and still his appetite for sex was insatiable and when he was killed, it came to light he used to watch pornographic stuff and cache of pornographic stuff was found.

    Though, I strongly believe in Almighty God, who has created all of us and I am a Roman Catholic, nevertheless I firmly believe that all religions – be it past or present – are manmade and Almighty God had no role in creation of any religion. The oldest religions are Hinduism, Judaism, Zorastrianism, Jainism and Buddhism.

    How can Dr. Zakir Naik can say that Islam is the superior religion, when it has copied things from the Torah and Bible and came into existence only in 632 A.D.?

  4. Dear Nelson,

    Zakir naik has said that the video where he is seen talking about osama is doctered and it was a video of 1998.
    Zakir naik has the right to preach his religion. Not only him the 1.8 billion muslims feel that islam is supreme. Thats our belief. If the 2 billion christians believe that Christianity is supreme , i should respect it. Its your belief. I am not forcing u to accept my belief. For eg apple says iphone is the best, samsung says samsung is the best. Let the buyers decide which is the best.
    Like how you said your statmenet below tht quran was copeid from other scriptures, zakir naik has the right to say that original words of jesus(pbuh) has been tampered with by human beings. Btw in the bible or torah there is no chapters on jesus(pbuh) and mother mary. But quran had seperate chapetrs on them and praising both. Where was this copied from? And why praise them?

    But i still find some of ur arguments valid. As i said earlier, if someone takes objection to his religious preaching its still valid and had logic. But here the muslimd are stading behing dr zakir naik is bcos he has been branded as terrorist. This is untrue.
    He is hero to many.

  5. Dear Brother Mohammed Haneef,

    You started off with humility and presented a very moderated view in your first post. But true colors came out in your response to Nelson’s post! Let me break it down for you.

    # Zakir Naik is clearly deceiving people when he says his video on Osama was doctored!! There are multiple videos on the same topic and they are all doctored? Why did he take this long to provide a clarification? In fact, yesterday, he posted a video on his official channel and reiterated the same thing!!!! Watch this video – Apparently, he still doesn’t know who Osama Bin Laden is!! Seriously???? Did he post a doctored video in his own channel?? LOL

    # You also say that your religion is supreme. Let me understand this – Does it mean that you don’t believe in India’ constitution? If there is a conflict between constitution and your religion, what do you follow? Do you also believe that non-muslims should be prevented from practicing their faith in muslim countries? As you know, muslims are free to preach and celebrate their faith in India. Do you support similar freedom to Hindus in Islamic countries?

    Let us know.

  6. Mohammed Hanif “I am not forcing u to accept my belief, IPhone says they are the best and Samsung says they are the best” – This is not the teachings of Islam, non Muslims are offered 3 choices and all through history people were forced to accept any one of the following.

    1. Convert to Islam and pay 2.5% of their savings as Zakat.
    2. Do not convert to Islam, and pay 50% of their income (not savings) as Jaziya.
    3. Hence, if anyone does not want to convert to Islam and pay the Zakat, or remain a non Muslim and pay the Jaziya, then the order is to kill them? Why? Would it be acceptable to Muslims if Hindus, Christians & Jews were to use the same reasoning and logic extract money out of you?

    Zakir Naik is a Master of “Taqqiya” or Lying, and since you have watched his videos you may have also got well trained too. All Zakir does is to lie and lie, and makes it sound that his lies are the truth. If you think Zakir is telling the truth then go and also watch the youtube videos of David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi and you will know how much he lies.

    He was supposed to return to India on July 11, 2016, where is he? I doubt he will come back. If he was clean and honest he will come back and face the allegations against him, and clarify with his copy of un-doctored videos. Wait and see he will settle in a Muslim country and join hands with other terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, etc and continue his terror acts against India and the Indian people and his well oiled Semi and illiterate audience will clap for Zakir.

  7. Mr. Mohammed Hanif,

    To you and to some other Muslims, Dr. Zakir Naik is a hero but, for me, he is a fraud and a scoundrel, who has become a multi-millionaire by preaching hate about other religions and superiority of Islam (as if Islam was one of the oldet religions which, in fact, is not). Dr. Naik has taken advantage of the semi-literates, who have no brains and reasoning power. Contrary to what you said, I counter you by saying that many mentions have been made of both Mother Mary in the Bible (New Testament). I cannot tell anything about the Torah because that holy book is written in Hebrew and I do not know that language. Further, it is a very ancient scripture.

    From what little I know about Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him), he was an illiterate person and, therefore, he did not write the Koran himself. Rather, it was dictated to somebody else, who wrote it for him. It is something like Adolph Hitler who, though not an illiterate, but was poor in in written German had dictated his thoughts to Rudolf Hess, who wrote it down for the future Fuhrer and later it was published as Mein Kampf.

  8. There are many muslims who disagree with Dr. Zakir Naik (and his disturbing sermons) and one of his sisters is not in favour of what he is doing and, over the years, she has had differences of opinion with him.

    Dr. Zakir Naik’s father was a psychiatrist and also had his clinic where, after completing his M.B.B.S. he was practising. He was very much influenced by a foreign Islamic preacher and did not take interest in his medical profession for which he had trained and became a preacher himself.

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