Docs Gone Models! IMA Womens’ Doctors Wing Mluru Hosting FIRST ‘Doctors Fashion Ramp 2023’

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Docs Gone Models! Indian Medical Association (IMA) Women’s Doctors Wing Mangaluru Chapter to Host FIRST of its Kind ‘Doctors Fashion Ramp 2023, on 15 October 2023 at IMA Hall, near Milagres Church, Hampankatta, Mangaluru starting at 4 pm.

Mangaluru: Come 15 October 2023, nearly 40 women doctors from various medical fields from in and around Mangaluru will hang their white coats and put the stethoscopes aside, and will attire in traditional sarees/Indian outfits and also Western gowns and walk the ramp during the FIRST of its kind ‘Doctors Womens’ Fashion Ramp’ to be held at IMA Hall, Hampankatta, Mangaluru, starting at 4 pm.

The Women’s Doctors Wing is part of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), whose objectives are: To get more women members of IMA to come forward and work for IMA; To get more women members to enter into mainstream activities of the local IMA branch; To involve Women Doctors in all the various activities carried out by local IMA branches; To work for promoting the issues related to the improvement of the health of women, children and elderly like Female infanticide, Maternal Mortality, Infant Mortality, Anaemia Control, Adolescent Health, care of the elderly etc; To encourage Women Doctors to take a keen interest in community welfare activities, particularly education, health camps, immunization centres and baby show, etc.; To undertake various programs and projects to increase fellowship amongst women members of IMA.; To deal with any other matters as may be considered necessary for the welfare of its members; To Join the local branch in organizing its activities as and when necessary, among other projects.

The Mangaluru Chapter of IMA-Womens’ Doctors Wing has come up with a First ‘DOCTORS FASHION RAMP 2023’, where nearly 40 women doctors from various medical fields from healthcare institutions in and around Mangaluru will unleash their modelling and fashion talents as they walk the ramp during the glittering showbiz to be held on 15 October 2023 at IMA Hall, Hampankatta, Mangaluru starting at 4 pm

Briefing about the event Dr Jessy Maria D’souza- the President of IMA- Womens’ Doctors Wing, Mangaluru and an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Salvadore Monteiro Rural Health Training Centre affiliated with Father Muller Medical College said, ” We feel proud to host this unique event of its kind, where doctors leaving behind their healthcare work could turn into showstoppers of the fashion show by donning traditional Indian dresses and also Western wear and walk on the ramp. The glitterati occasion,’ Doctors Fashion Ramp 2023 will allow these women doctors to show their talents in fashion and modelling. There will be three categories, of 20-40 age, 40-60 age and beyond 60 age who will walk the ramp and show the world that they also can be showstoppers apart from being doctors”.

Dr Archana Bhat, the Treasurer of the Women’s Doctors Wing, and also an Associate professor in Pathology and Consultant at Father Muller Medical College Hospital, Mangaluru was also present.

Well said by Dr Jessy, where these women doctors will turn into showstoppers of the fashion show. They will dazzle in their glittering outfits and walk the ramp confidently and élan, leaving the audience in awe of their hidden talents, exhibited for the first time by professional doctors. This will surely be a welcome break for all these women doctors who toil day and night in hospitals/clinics taking care of the suffering humanity, and since they are adapted to work behind the scenes. As they are pro at dressing up in a few minutes when they face many emergency cases, therefore, they must be updated with the latest fashion trends. But, being in the limelight is not something they are used to, but thanks to the efforts and trust of the organizers for giving this once-in-a-lifetime unique opportunity. Surely, it will be an evening well spent witnessing these budding fashion divas walk the ramp!

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