Dr Nischal Rao- Amazing Doctor of London visits KMC Hospital Attavar

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Dr Nischal Rao- Amazing Doctor of London visits KMC Hospital Attavar

Dr Nischal Rao from Nehru Nagar in Manipal is known as the ‘Amazing’ doctor in London.

Around 14 months ago, a Scyadan couple had been admitted to the maternity ward of Whittington Hospital in London. But, the child they had given birth to was not breathing. Dr Nischal Rao was a neonatologist in the very same hospital.

Everybody was sure that the newborn baby was no more. But Dr Nischal and his team nonetheless provided essential emergency treatment to the newborn post which the baby started to breathe and now is in a healthy condition.

Dr Nischal Rao -Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist, Lead for neurodevelopment and resuscitation, Whittington Hospital, Hon Clinical Lecturer, University College Hospital, London

He is an Alumni of KMC Manipal Recently interviewed by BBC.

ON Friday,20th July, he SPOKE on THE TOPIC ‘Crisis resource management principles in Neonatal emergencies’ at the Sushrutha hall, KMC Hospital Attavar

“Whenever you start off your work remember to have a checklist to avoid human errors. Human errors also happen with health care setup and we need to understand the human factor. To reduce the human errors, you need to run simulation exercise every day,” Dr Nischal Rao said.

“Designate leadership. In a crunch situation, a true leader will step back and ask who can handle the situation. It is called dynamic leadership. In some scenarios, even a nurse can be a leader. It is not necessary that every time a senior most person has to be the leader in a crunch situation,” he added.

Dr Nischal Rao believes in the specialised skills of each member in a team, be it in a maternity ward/labour theatre or any team based dynamics like a flight Management team which every time has to ensure ‘’ZERO DEFECTS” in the operative management of a functional task.

Dr Nischal & his team intends to run more such simulation workshops to Pediatricians, Nurses & Delivery team at KMC Mangaluru & Manipal.

Medical superintendent of KMC Hospitals Mangaluru, Dr Anand Venugopal, Dr Nutan Kamath –Associate Dean KMC Mangaluru and head of the department of pediatrics, Dr Kamalakshi Bhat were present.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Nischal Rao for sharing some of your personal viewpoints on the importance of providing best medical services to the sick and needy of Mangalore. We have now so many reputable Medical Institutions in and around Mangalore. We have some of the best trained Doctors and Nurses in every Medical Institutions. All that we need in Mangalore clean hospitals with best possible medical services to all patients regardless of their financial resources.

    Medical Institutions require constant upgradation with more technology because the patients need that care and comfort with timely treatment and timely services.

    Let people get all the best treatment they deserve. Wherever people cannot afford the right treatment let there be some Insurance protection for all those that cannot afford timely and suitable treatment. India is now the fifth richest country in the world. India is now recognized as a nation of Human Capital. We have to therefore nurture our people with suitable medical care so that people remain healthy and happy.

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