Dream India Network Celebrates Christmas for Foster Home Children

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Dream India Network Celebrates Christmas for Foster Home Children

Bengaluru: Dream India Network (DIN) celebrated Christmas in a grand scale for 432 children from 54 Foster Homes spread across the city and outside. The Christmas Sangama 2018 programme was unique as it was inaugurated by the participants including children, home In-charges, Dream India partners, guests and special invitees in the presence of Diya Musicals from Bishop Cotton School.

Everyone took part in decorating the Christmas tree to mark the inauguration of the whole-day programme at St. Joseph’s Indian School here on Sunday, December 16. The morning programme began with prayer and cultural programme besides welcome address by Fr Edward Thomas.

Welcoming the participants and all other guests and special invitees, Fr Edward Thomas, Adviser and mentor appealed to the political and other leaders to support for Grace Homes in the similar way of Foster Homes so as to help the elderly and homeless found in the streets of the city. They spent the whole night together for a solution. Fr Edward and team found so many and collected the hapless people to give shelter. About 1000 people including priests, nuns and leaders urged the Government to go to their rescue. He said it was ‘shame for the ministers, politicians and those in authority to neglect and leave the senior citizens to die in the streets. Fr Edward, a specialist for long in looking after the affairs and issues of children, narrated one story that a woman approached him, fell at his feet crying and told him the police often beat her and others. It is the duty of the government and BBMP to take care of such abandoned and suffering people.

Fr Edward called upon leaders present to cooperate and contribute towards his plan of establishing 100 foster homes. Former Mayor had promised him to extend all possible help for the purpose as the government has a lot of land. He made an ardent appeal to those present to make a commitment during this Christmas to do something for the cause of the children. He said foster homes take children of all religious groups and help them to practise their own faith. Politicians have differences and they fight. But it is time to come together forgetting politics, caste or creed for a common cause. Jesus came to love and to teach love among all. Meaning of a Christian is to manifest the love of Jesus.

Fr Edward who had been associated with children for their problems and programmes for many years stated that no human beings should be lying on road. “If we do not do it, we are not Christians or Christ-like whether priests, nuns or leaders of any group or party.”

Rizwan Arshad, Member, Karnataka Legislative Council, presenting a brief message, said Christ had been a leading light for the whole world and humanity at large. He made the supreme sacrifice for the sake of mankind. Jesus came to establish love and peace and showed the meaning of sacrifice. While wishing all “Merry Christmas”, the young leader urged all to prepare for blessings from God and Jesus during this Christmas.

The public function of the ‘The Christmas Sangama 2018’ commenced with a prayer dance by children of one of the foster homes. Earlier, Jolly Sebastian, Rincy and Sampath enthralled the audience with musicals in different languages. A pastor presented a puppet show to cheer all, giving a Christmas message as well.

Daniel, Sunshine team and Kiros gave away gifts to all children. The programme was supported and sponsored by various individuals and groups. Special children (children with deformity) were also given gifts. They are taken care of by a Sister.

Among others present on the occasion included Cherian R from Orange County, Daniel, School for Sunshine, KIROS, Victor Barboza, Ivan Nigli, Praveen Peter, Matilda D’Souza, Nataraj Janakiram, FEVOURD-K, Fr Leo, Ad. Sathyam Puthur (KPCC, Gen. Secretary), Sandhya Veera Naik, Vinu Thomas, Pericho Prabhu, Mrs Magali, Biplov, provincials from SMI, Carmel, Dr Poornima John, Joseph Levi Simon, Kind Hearts and Casa Foundation.

Sr Jayasree coordinated the entire programme and Sr. Lisy in charge of the foster homes managed the stage and kept the participants informed of the relevant matters time to time. Many foreigners including French personnel took an active part in the Christmas programme. Fr Edward thanked all concerned as the programme came to a close with all the Sisters of the foster homes, participants and children converging to the stage for photos.

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