Driving or Riding on NH 75 near Padil Railway Bridge is a Nightmare!

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Driving or Riding on NH 75 near Padil Railway Bridge is a Nightmare!

Mangaluru: Luckily I started from home bit early, if not I would have been way too late for the inauguration of “6th Gear Exclusive’ showroom near Kannur Old Check post on NH 75 (Mangaluru Bengaluru) highway. Traffic congestion near Padil Railway Bridge had resulted in traffic backup for a long stretch of the highway- imagine an ambulance getting stuck in this traffic jam taking a patient to First Neuro Hospital-Padil/Kannur or Fr Muller’s Hospital- Thumbay or those ambulances transporting patients to various hospitals in Mangaluru.

And this stretch of road near Padil Railways Bridge has been so dilapidated due to the construction work of the railway underpass nearby, which is still not completed after the work started two years ago, motorists are having hard times to travel on this treacherous road. And with heavy rains lashing the area, it is much more worse now, with potholes filled muddy water- with passing heavy vehicles splashing this dirty water on the two-wheeler riders. How ignorant these bus, truck and car drivers could be, who can’t have pity on two-wheeler riders.

Auto-rickshaw driver Ramesh speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” I am always late these days reaching the children to their school. Even though I make it a point to start early, the situation is the same everyday with traffic snarls at this spot. The concerned authorities have turned a blind eye even though constant complaints by the residents and motorists had been made. Some of the people who take this route everyday with no other option are stuck in this traffic jam every single day, either being late to work or other appointments.”

Shanthi, a student of St Agnes College-Mangaluru waiting for the bus near Kannur said, “I get up early these days, get ready, and come and stay at this bus shelter to catch the bus at 7.30 am, even though my college hours commence at 8.30/9 am. It is indeed a nightmare to sit on the bus and get stuck in the traffic jam, with ignorant motorists blaring their horns. I wish the concerned people would repair this road soon so that there are no inconveniences caused to the commuters”.

Not just for these two persons, who spoke to Team Mangalorean, but it’s also a nightmare for many others who frequently take this highway to reach their destination, either to their work place, school/colleges, market, shopping etc. They all spend their precious time stuck in this traffic mess until they get on to the good two-lane road few meters away from the Railway bridge spot. It is learnt that the new railway underpass adjacent to this dilapidated road was supposed to be open in March 2017, but unfortunately due to certain issues remains incomplete. Until then, motorists and commuters have to bear the brunt of a traffic jam.

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  1. Why there is no hue and cry from RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND POLITICAL LEADERS for this specific issue. Public sab Jantha Hai !!

    • Yes you’re right.. RELIGIOUS LEADERS AND POLITICAL LEADERS raise their voice only when they gain something from a situation that may be people attention or money, else they don’t even bother.

  2. Mr Alfie,Smart City is gradually becoming death City. Look at the road surfaces with Pot Holes and gravel spilled over road surface.
    Here is what happened to me. I came from Adyar Padau to Light House, along with my worker. Manoor road is a nightmare. It took me 30 minutes to reach from Neermarga to Kannur.
    It took almost an hour from Kannur to Garodi
    There was black top work near Mahaveera Circle. So it took more than 30 minutes from Garodi to Mahaveera Circle.
    Then came Karavali Circle and Bendoorwell Circle with Traffic Jam which took almost 30 minutes there.
    Then came Jyothi Circle problem. So by the time I reached Light House area,I lost almost 2 hours of my time.
    Imagine the cost of Petrol and I ended Up paying the worker for 2 hours wages. Smart City.
    Recent Survey said that It is very pleasant to live in Mangalore as per Surveyor.

    • The surveyor may be visited hotel pinch and enjoy sip of a beer/kali with kori sukka and wrote fabulous report about kudla. Let someone visit bunder side and see the situation / lol

  3. When people struggle they will cry. Suppose if NHAI want to build ring road, do the public ready to give their land for that, no…no. Almost traffic jams are caused due to nuisance of public. Mangalore drivers are one of the worst behavioral drivers in India. Along with that improper construction of roads exaggerates the problems. People need to find some alternative roads when they know its a routine trouble at that sight.

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