Easter Bunny!

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Watching the beautiful Easter eggs and Easter bunnies around, I thought of carving a bunny myself!

This time I chose a Cantaloupe, which is referred to as Netted Melon because it has a distinctive netted skin. I have carved a bunny out of the Cantaloupe and added Korean Melon, Grapes and Tomato to make it look more colorful. The Easter Eggs have been carved out of Red Radish.

The Method:

This time I used Korean Melon for the bunny’s head. I have carved a part of it to make the mouth for the bunny and cut the flesh of the Cantaloupe to carve out the teeth.

Carve the skin off from the top half of the Cantaloupe to make the Bunny’s shirt!

Ears and the bow are carved out of tomato.

Finally carved the red radish with different patterns to make the Easter Eggs.

Happy Easter to all the readers of Mangalorean.com

Author: Rosanne DSouza- USA

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