EPL live scores of all matches

EPL live scores of all matches

The starting tours of the new season were not very successful for Manchester United. Just look at the EPL live scores, to understand that the Red Devils continue to have difficulties that they encountered during the previous campaign.

Despite the fact that the composition of Manchester United was seriously updated during the summer, the club’s obvious problems with the game still remained. There is still no single vision of attacking the football. Solskjær has not yet managed to improve the team’s attack, and Manchester United relies heavily just on moving the ball forward keeping in mind the individual skills of its leaders.

Because of this, the EPL live scores of the team in the starting tours leave much to be desired. However, it should be noted that the games of the new season have some positive aspects as well:

  1. Progress of young performers. Just look at James, who has already managed to distinguish himself 3 times for his new team during 4 starting tours.
  2. Good adaptation of beginners. This may include James, whom we have already mentioned, as well as Wan-Bissaka and Maguire, who helped to make the game of Manchester United more reliable concerning their defense.
  3. Improving ball control. Under Mourinho, Manchester United showed a completely different football and often even clung to their gates even in matches with average teams and outsiders.

The season is only beginning, so there will be many more opportunities to improve their position in the standings. However, it is necessary to engage more right now, because lagging behind competitors can become critical.

The Red Devils have the advantage of the fact that their direct competitors started the new season far from the best way as well. So, Solskjær’s team still has chances to complete its main task – to gain a place in the top 4, which gives them the right to play in the Champions League for next season. You can always follow the success of the team at 777score.com.

Everyone understands that Manchester United is undergoing a period of transformation right now, but at the same time, fans continue to demand trophies. It will be extremely difficult for the current MU. However, if systematic changes continue, in the club’s leadership as well, the Red Devils have a chance to return to their former greatness.

As for now, they need to get together and begin to realize their moments, because MU is still not bad in creating something new, but they can rarely convert the created moments into a goal, and it directly affects the results of the team.