Even if they Behead me, Fight against CAA will not Stop – U T Khader

Even if they Behead me, Fight against CAA will not Stop – U T Khader

Mangaluru: “If they come to know the real meaning of CAA and NRC, they will not shout slogans against me. They will start shouting slogans against those who have implemented the act. No one will get an exemption, all should produce their documents. Even during the demonetization people thought Modi did the right thing but when they realized and stood in the queue for their own money, they started to shout slogans against Modi. I pity those who shouted slogans against me. I can file a case against them and send them to jail but do they have anyone to take care of their parents? I have concern for their family members. Everyone is not like me. If they behead me, is there any need to chop my hands and legs?”, said U T Khader When asked about the life threat from a group who attended the Pro CAA programme during the press meet held at the Circuit House here on January 28.

U T Khader further said, “If they want to behead me, I will come wherever they call me. Let the youth who shouted slogans against me fulfill their wish. When the youth shout such slogans, they should be careful. If I file a case against them, they will go to jail and their family members will face problems to appoint a lawyer to release them on bail.”

Khader also said, “If Dalits and the backward class benefits by the CAA, why is it not implemented in Assam? Let the CAA be implemented in Assam and its success be revealed to other states”.

When asked about the comment by Ravikumar that Khader will not face any problems with CAA, U T Khader said, “Ravikumar should not stand in a queue to submit his certificate. If there is an error in his certificate he should not face any problems. Ravikumar should not suffer, I am more concerned about him”.

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