Excerpts from Gangamma’s Diary…..a Story on Covid-19 Experience!

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Excerpts from Gangamma’s Diary…..a Story on Covid-19 Experience!

 Abu Dhabi : Hello! I am Leah March Rodrigues writing this article from Abu Dhabi. I am 11 years old, studying in St. Joseph’s School- Grade 6, Abu Dhabi. This story is written in the form of diary entries. My grandmother living in Mangaluru kept filling us with the situation in Mangaluru. That’s how I weave my story together. My central and only character Gangamma, a poor vegetable seller, gives us a glimpse of her covid affected life through her diary entries. I enjoyed writing this, and I hope the readers of Mangalorean.com will like it too. (Ref: https://www.mangalorean.com/calling-all-young-students-write-meaningful-stories-connected-to-pandemic-or-hobbies/) My sincere thanks to Mangalorean.com for inviting young youth to write and share their experiences on Covid-19, or their hobbies during the pandemic. Regards, Leah !

Excerpts from Gangamma’s diary ….

January 31

Dear diary,

I am hearing snippets about a new Chinese virus. Virus here, virus there, virus in this and that country …why should I bother? I am happy here in my hut. Growing and selling vegetables. All is good.

February 10

Dear diary,

I had a bumper harvest of potatoes today. Virus rumors still around. All is good.

February 12

Dear diary,

Today I read that someone named Balakrishna from Chitoor , Andhra Pradesh, killed himself, knowing he had Covid 19. He must have had some other illness. But he put two and two together and self-diagnosed himself as having this Chinese virus. Poor man is now dead. But here, everything is still good.

February 27

Dear diary,

My vegetables are growing so beautifully. I hope to make lots of money before the rains start. This Chinese related virus now has a name. Corona virus aka Covid 19. Leaders of the world say we shouldn’t call the virus ‘Chinese virus’. It’ll be insulting to China. So, Covid 19.

March 20

Dear diary,

My sister Gauramma’s son, a big man in Dubai, who works as a watchman, making lots of money, says aero planes in Dubai stopped. Wow! Can you imagine…no aero plane travel .

In India people are bindas. All is good.

March 24

Dear diary,

Today our PM Narendra Modi announced the total Bandh everywhere. No going, no coming, no getting out of the house. They called it total lockdown?

How do I sell my vegetables now? All fresh and green. I can’t sell… who will buy them now? How do I sell now? How do I make money? All is suddenly not looking good.

April 1

Dear diary,

I am stuck in the house. Eating a little rice everyday. No shops to buy from. No money to buy anything either. My vegetables I wanted to sell are now feeding me. Nothing is good.

April 15

Dear diary,

One coolie fellow came to my hut asking for something to eat. I chased the fellow without getting out of my house. I am too scared to go close to anyone. I don’t understand this disease. People say all those coughing and sneezing have the virus. O my God…please keep me alive.

Everything is bad.

May 10

Dear diary,

The air has begun feeling so fresh. But we have to wear masks all day. Gundu, our street dog was looking at me with big eyes growling. He couldn’t recognize me.

I have seen rich people walking their big dogs with muzzles on. Now I feel like a rich dog myself with this muzzle like mask. Nothing good.

June 10

Dear diary,

Today I went to the market to sell vegetables. But, no one bought them. People are not paid on time. They don’t have money to spend.

All is bad.

September 20

Dear diary,

Heavy rains. Plus the virus is everywhere. I think my hut is going to fall down any minute.

I am already penniless. Soon I will be homeless too.

About Author :

Miss Leah March Rodrigues, daughter of Santhosh and Ashel Rodrigues, residing in Abu Dhabi is 11 yrs old, and studying at St. Joseph’s School, Abu Dhabi in Grade: 6. She has a little sister, Gina Mary who is five years old, seen in the photo above. Leah’s hobbies are Reading, Thinking, Writing, Drawing and Sketching, Singing and lots more interesting things.

“Despite the pandemic, chaos, destruction of mother nature etc I have managed to thrive on this earth for 11 years. That I think is an achievement in itself. Apart from that I play the violin and clinging rungs of Trinity music exams. I am an altar server at St. Joseph’s Church, Abu Dhabi. I won a book reading contest in 2016, during UAE’s year of reading” says Leah..

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  1. Very well written dear Leah. Your beautiful article, depicts your concern towards the poor and marginalized.
    Congratulations ???
    Highly appreciate your writing skills as a young and budding author. Wish you to be a great author very soon. All the best ?

  2. Dear Leah
    It’s heart touching and inspiring to feel the compassion in you for our hand -to- mouth, struggling neighbours.
    Indeed you possess kindness goodness to a high degree adding to your descriptive skills and comprehension.
    Keep growing in the art of writing and let wisdom spring from your mind and your pen as well.

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