Fan connects SRK to his Dillipan

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New Delhi, Feb 17 (IANS) Superstar Shah Rukh Khan loved every bit of getting back to his “roots” here on Tuesday. From visiting his college in Delhi University’s North Campus to the lovers’ spot at PVR Priya, the actor was upbeat about sharing his “Dillipan” that he has got to showcase on the big screen with his upcoming film “Fan”.

After an overwhelming experience at his alma mater, Hansraj College, where he finally collected his graduation degree 28 years after passing out of the institution, SRK held a media conference at the PVR Priya theatre in south Delhi to promote “Fan”.

“I love you Shah Rukh,” screamed his several fans, who had won a contest of sorts to meet the actor and were seated in the balcony of the theatre, which SRK described as the “unaffordable” hostspot for lovers of his time.

Looking suave in a bearded look, the 50-year-old couldn’t thank “Fan” director Maneesh Sharma enough for letting him explore his “Dillipan”.

He said he had been longing to play a Delhi boy, and that he was “more envious than jealous” of other actors who got to play such roles on screen. Because he has been living in Mumbai for the past 25 years, he felt would have forgotten the ‘Delhi dialect’, but he is glad that with “Fan”, he could go back to it.

“I would like to thank Maneesh that he brought me to my roots and gave me a Delhi character to play. This film is very special to me. Not just is this story special, but technologically, the visual effects and make-up that have been used in this film, I think that hasn’t been used anywhere in the world.

“I feel for Hindi films, there will be something to look upto in terms of where we can go with visual effects and make-up,” Shah Rukh said.

The film features Shah Rukh in two avatars — one as superstar Aryan Khanna, a reflection of his own persona, and another as Gaurav, a fan of the superstar.

He was in the capital to launch a special anthem “Jabra fan”, to be used as a promotional song for the movie. A peppy track, it features Shah Rukh in Gauravs’s avatar, dancing away on Delhi’s streets.

To a question posed by IANS on whom was he a fan of while growing up, SRK said: “I was not a fan of the extent shown in the film… So, as far as liking is concerned, there were two or three people I grew up really loving and trying to know about as there was no internet back in those days to be able to read up on some or collect a picture.

“One would be Mr. Milkha Singh. I loved stories about him, and how he used to be a champion. I used to be a big fan of his. The second would be Muhammed Ali… I was into sports, so I always liked his being little brashy and bratty, and still being so good at his sport.

“Then of course, all of us have grown up being Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s fans. I was one of them too. So, yes these three people… And strangely, because I was into sports, I have mostly sporting people that I was a fan of… Like Sunil Gavaskar.”

Interestingly, Shah Rukh even mentioned Olympic gold medal-winning Bruce Jenner, who has become Caitlyn Jenner.

“I am glad that me and my daughter both know him or her as well because I never thought my children will be introduced to Bruce Jenner in a different avatar — kind of like ‘Fan’…. like I am being introduced in a different avatar after 25 years.”

Shah Rukh also said he loved reading about and even got the opportunity to meet Mother Teresa, and that he was also a fan of actor Michael J. Fox.

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