Fight between Ideologies Intensifies in Temple Town

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Fight between Ideologies Intensifies in Temple Town

Udupi: An intensified fight between ideologies will be rocking the temple town on October 23, where the right-wing activists are marching for Kanaka Nade, the organizers of Chalo Udupi march will agitate them.


The 9 October, Chalo Udupi march witnessed active participation of Dalits, intellectuals, and thinkers who walked the streets of Udupi. The right-wing activists will hold Kanaka Nade, on October 23. As described by its organizers the Kanaka Nade aims at cleaning the streets in which the Chalo Udupi march proceeded. The right wing associations which are led by the Yuva Brigade is organizing a programme where thousands of people are expected to participate.

‘Kanaka Nade is an insult to the Dalits and the deprived’, say the organizers of Chalo Udupi march and they have planned a programme on the same day condemning the Kanaka Nade. The programme being organized by the organizers of Chalo Udupi march will also witness the participation of thousands of people including Dalits, minorities, intellectuals, thinkers and writers.

The clash between two ideologies has led the district administration and the police to assess its outcome and take measures. The police are said to have chaired meetings with the organizers keeping in mind the ground reality.


A post on Facebook by Chakravarthy Sulibele had angered the organizers of Chalo Udupi March, but later Sulibele changed his stand saying that his post was meant to clean the streets of Udupi and was not against the Chalo Udupi March.

When contacted Sulibele, he said that Kanaka Nade was a preplanned event, it is not in any way related to the Chalo Udupi march. Organizer of Chalo Udupi Bhaskar said that Kanaka Nade is anti-constitutional.

Sources close to the police have said that permission has not been granted to both the programmes.

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  1. Agreed – our society has discriminated against dalits for many many centuries. However, the involvement of dishonest intellectuals and minorities has ruined the reputation!!! Otherwise why are minorities taking sides and getting involved in this conflict? This is where Muthalik starts sounding more reasonable than fake intellectuals.

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