Firestrom Expected in Kuwait: Drama

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Firestrom Expected in Kuwait: Drama

Kuwait: Tiatrs are not just popular among Goans, they are becoming increasingly influential in educating people settled abroad.

A lot of Tiatr fans based in Mumbai and expatriate communities in the Middle East, London and other cities where Konkani speakers have a considerable presence, nowadays depend on Tiatrist to see the latest Goan happenings unscathed.

As such, Kuwait’s hungry audience expect a ‘firestorm’ when revolutionary tiatrist Francis de Tuem tours Kuwait with his troupe May 2018.

Francis Tuem’s latest show ‘KONNAK PATIEUPACHEM’ is currently running packed houses and rapturous applause in Goa.

The show will be held Friday 11th May 3.30pm at Kuwait Boy Scouts Auditorium, Hawally.

Francis created a niche for himself as a radical director when his tiatr ‘Question Mark’ based on Goan activist and Roman Catholic priest Fr. Bismarque Dias’ mysterious death and alleged sloppy investigation by Goa police became a great success.

In that tiatr, Francis Tuem depicted that the death of Fr. Bismark was a murder and not accident.

Kuwait audience will sure expect something much more innovative or startling in Francis latest production.

“Expectations are really very high for Francis de Tuemtiatrs,” says a friend based in Muscat, a great fan of political tiatrs.

However, reading some tit-bits in the news, it looks like the tiatr is more of social tears than politics.


Famed Goan writer Fausto Da Costa, writing in social media, terms ‘KONNAK PATIEUPACHEM’ as an effort to highlight ‘political and social issues’ in a bid to wake up Goans.

Some first-rate viewers say, much of the subject revolves around 3 persons homed in an old-age, enacted by Peter de Benaulim, Marcos Vaz and Samuel Carvalho.

While Fausto has dubbed the ‘side-shows’ to be highly entertaining, Goa’s firebrand writer A. Veronica Fernandes has condemned the comedy to be vulgar, filthy and full of ‘double meanings’.

Well-known actress Aplon has apparently played an excellent role of a nun. Veronica writes, “Aplon’s presentation, appropriate dress code and expression takes her role to a higher pedestal.”


There are rare chances that tiatr lovers will not miss to watch Francis de Tuem in Kuwait. The superstar singer is sure to attract a huge audience purely by his own stardom.

Currently, Goa’s hottest ‘kantorist’, Francis Tuem is expected to belt out his latest political compos.

Although Francis is criticised many a time for his political ‘kantaram’, he has a huge fan following for the truth he presents in his songs which in fact he claims is all published by OHerald, Goa’s premier daily.

Topics of Francis’ songs range from issues very close to Goans who are treated unfairly by politicians, and corruption among many other issues affecting the public.

Evergreen Peter and Roshan are expected to sing on Bollywood tunes as usual; singers Marcus, Xavier Gomes and Lawry Travasso will not let down their fans either.

The audience can expect some cameo roles by mimicry artiste Sheikh Amir imitating Goan politicians especially Churchill Almemao, Parsekar, etc, which he plays to perfection. The audience never gets weary watching this artiste in the same act drama after drama.

Comedians Ambe, Brian, Richard are expected to make the trip uncensored with a number of new faces too.


One of Goa’s superstar, Francis Tuem has been singing political songs on Konkani stage since 2000.

Having academics in technical background, Francis got to work in Kuwait for a short while (a little more than a year between 2006 to 2007), before going back to where his heart belonged – the professional stage.

Francis Tuem’s evolution into a full-fledged writer-director of Konkani dramas can be labelled as having its pedigree in this oil rich country. While in Kuwait, January 2007, Francis Tuem directed his musical show with a skits titled ‘Fest KortaGaumPirjentichemNaum’ in which he sang as many as 7 solos, probably a record on Konkani stage.

Today, Francis has struck an undeniable chord with the public with his dramas and songs. His popularity and the sharp truths that he exposes are evident from a number of his CDs, and videos available on youTube and other social media.

The image of Francis de Tuem has now spread even at international level.


It is a colossal task to organize dramas in Kuwait where there are so many restrictions and limitations especially in recent times.

Kuwait organizers deserve full credit and support for arranging a show from Goa.

‘KONNAK PATIEUPACHEM’ is being organized by Felix de Merces under the banner of Event Organizers.

For seat reservation and other inquiries please contact Felix Fernandes 99540232.

By Gasper Crasto

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