Fitness key to Tottenham’s title challenge: Davies

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London, Feb 14 (IANS) Tottenham Hotspur’s strong challenge for the English Premier League (EPL) title this season may have surprised many, but full-back Ben Davies insists that his teammates are just reaping the benefits of a tough training schedule.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has imposed a strict training regimen involving high intensity workout schedules since his arrival at White Hart Lane. The extra focus on fitness has seen Tottenham players outrun most of the other teams in the EPL, making them realistic title contenders for the first time since the 1980’s.

“Maybe it’s a surprise to other people but, as a group, this is what we want to be doing. Everybody here is trying to push themselves as far as they can,” Davies was quoted as saying by the Independent on Saturday.

“We’re covering more distance than teams, we’re able to press teams and not give them a moment on the ball. That’s not just for 20-30 minutes, that’s throughout the whole game. The amount of goals and way we play towards the end of games really does show with the fitness, and as players you’re able to keep going for longer,” he added.

Davies, who arrived at the north London club from Swansea City in 2014, admitted he initially found it difficult to adjust to the demanding training sessions, but has now got himself attuned to Pochettino’s methods.

“We have body fat tests regularly, every two weeks. We used to have it (at Swansea), but not as often and probably not as strictly enforced. It’s obviously something we have to keep an eye on and, if we’re not at the required levels, you have to work on your diet. I think every manager has got to have that strictness about them, but you know, he’s got every player’s respect here and everyone’s bought into exactly what he wants,” the 22-year-old left-back stated.

“I think, when you first start putting all the work in, it’s tough. You have to be determined enough to be able to put up with it every day to get yourself fit and maybe at times it gets hard but I think now maybe we see the rewards out on the field.”

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